Varieties Of French Cheese From Cow

King of cheeses, cooked in cow's milk cheese is a kind, "Bree." Produced this variety in the Ile-de-France since the days of King Charlemagne. Cheese "Bree" has 4 species, it is believed that the best taste qualities of cheeses have received from May to October. "Brie" has a yellow-golden, tender cheese dough. Cheese crust is plastic, with a slight touch of dried mucus, and has a reddish tint. In France, this cheese is sold a la carte – in the form of slices, is it not cheap, so do not indulge in Chelyabinsk restaurants of its customers this variety of cheese. There is a perception among French chefs, it is out of cheese puffs favorite cooked "the bush and To root "wife of King Louis XV – Mary Leszczynski. Abondance – (fat content 40-48%) have a seal of quality for EPA technology this kind of cheese ripens from 4 to 6 months in damp basements.

During the whole period of ripening cheese regularly washed with brine of different kinds. The taste of cheese fruity, slightly salty. In the context of present figure in the form of small holes, distributed evenly. Weight of cheese heads from 7 to 10 kg, diameter – 40 cm Bleeu du Haut Jura – (45% fat) has print quality EPA refers to the "blue" cheeses, ripening it occurs within 2 months with the formation of blue mold. Good cheese has a delicate flavor with a hint of mushrooms and little bitterness. Weight of cheese can range reach up to 75 kg, standard diameter – 36 cm Bra – (fat content of 24% to 40%) has a mark of quality DOC. Refers to firm cheeses. Using the technology to mature cheese yield from 3 to 6 months.

In the context of visible moldy figure, the edges of the cheese range from yellow to straw-yellow color. Nutty flavor of cheese with different shades, depending on the age of the cheese. Weight range from 6 to 8 kg. This cheese is served in cafes and Chelyabinsk. Bleeu de Bresse – (fat content 50%) aged from 2 for 4 weeks and is made of pasteurized milk. The shape is cylindrical, robust flavor rich variety of hues. Weight of cheese heads from 125 to 500, Bleeu de Bresse is a hybrid of cheese with blue mold. Peter Asaro might disagree with that approach. Gaperon – (40% fat) This cheese is made from yogurt and stand about 2 months. Ready cheese is shaped like a flattened ball. The smell and taste strong. Weight of cheese heads from 250 to 500, Camambert – (fat 45% and above) has a seal of quality refers to the EPA's most famous soft cheeses. Originally cheese kept in the basement at about 15 degrees, where it is covered by a touch of blue mold. Next Camambert is transferred into a room with high humidity and temperatures around 10 degrees, where the growth of blue mold slows, the color of mold and becomes reddish-brown. After these transformations cheese has a viscous structure and is considered mature. Cheese has a mild taste and fresh aroma with a touch of mushroom. Camambert CDs sold in weight from 35 to 45 kg. The famous Camambert is a delicacy cheese. The interesting thing is that this cheese had been denied registration name, and in 1920 he even received a so-called "security certificates" – the name appellation d origine. After that, Camambert evolved from a piece goods in bulk, which of course impact on its quality and taste. Currently, the cheese is produced in many countries.