The News

Sebastian was the only person why I kept fighting after the accident. Your son, is now the only light of hope that lit my life-. -Don’t tell me that – he said Tati supplicant. If I’m going to make a decision, I want to do it by myself. Not pressed by the pain I cause you to you or my parents-. – And so it must be Tati-, he replied by firmly pressing your hands. -You have the decision to take by yourself. I am not going to get in against me.

I promise you-. -Up to a few hours ago, I thought that didn’t matter too much to my parents. When he had ceased to be the good little girl that he accepted all their rules, they had ceased to love me – he responded Tati. But now that it just learned of the News of the attack, they left everything to come here, my feelings have changed significantly-. Do-but how could you think that your parents had stopped loving you?-said Ruth with tone of admiration. We could be angry, but we could never stop wanting them.

I’ve said it before and I will repeat now, because it seems that you end up understanding it – not. -Not be Ruth – told him hesitant Tati, is that I always had the certainty that interested my mother more medicine than I. My father due to his profession as a writer, was always at home and although to my me to meet a nanny, everytime I needed it could go running up to his Studio. I knew that he interrupted his work to address my claims. Always. Without exception. Ever told me: go, now I’m busy. We’ll talk later, or at least I don’t remember it. On the other hand my mother was always in the hospital and when he returned, I already not remembered me that it was what I wanted to ask you.