Tourist Information

Summary: The ranks of tourist information (PIT? s) are units of information destined to the attendance to the tourist and are basic for the tourist system. This article presents a exploratrio study that had as analysis the PIT? s of Aracaju managed by the EMSETUR with the objective to improve the hospitality in the tourist destination through this so important component in the tourist system. In order to reach the considered objective we adopt as metodolgica base the bibliographical survey focusing the main authors who work excellent subjects for this research, as for example, hospitality and the importance of the information for the development of the hospitality in the tourist product. Later, we analyze the PIT? s from interviews carried through with the attendants of the ranks and also with the study of the project of the ranks of tourist information of the Company Sergipana de Turismo. After the analysis, had been elaborated some suggestions with the objective to contribute for the development of the tourist product to break of the improvement of the infrastructure of the ranks as well as in the quality of the given service the visitors. Word-key: Ranks of information. Hospitality. Tourist system.

Introduction To make tourism is an aspiration of great part of the world-wide population, in order to dislocate themselves and to run away from the habitual routine, over all, from the period postwar period that was marked by a transformation in the consumption standard, due to regulation of the work and the conquests of the man in what the reduction in the hours of working, the time of recess, the remunerated vacations, the retirement and the social legislation says respect. Thus, the work and leisure had started to be right of all (SAINTS, 2010). Leaving of these estimated, more time is perceived that with the reduction of the hours of working, the man started to have more free time, consequently to dedicate the leisure to it.