That is, it is not worried if you have or money not to pay the account. It does not want nor to know if an attitude its would magoaria or not somebody, it searchs rewards only it, the momentnea sensation of saciedade physical, or emotional. It swims moreover. But what it happens when all other information are hidden by a desire of immediate satisfaction? A person who insults another person saw sites of relationship in the Internet rewards searchs it to feel themselves well, or superior imagines, or avenged a family head Imagines who purchase a very expensive car and unnecessary searching to be able, social approval, etc. Imagine an adolescent who wants because she wants the last cellular model of because of it she does not function, but not impressing the friends. A mother imagines who cries out with the children, therefore crying out calms to it Knowing as it functions we can try to control these desires and this system of you reward, at least we will think two times before committing a madness any. Our brain functions quantum, that is, many information are processed in diverse areas simultaneously and if one may use the expression in the Neurolingustica, when it has confusion or indetermination we are progressing, therefore already we have all the information, now is enough to organize them. (To correct this mount of desires that does not have end, and not in them they lead to no place, only has a way: it visits:)