The Technology In The Basic Education

Currently we come across in them with the tip technology that to each day appears stops helping in them to decide and to solve the problems day to day. In classroom it is not different, the professors can have the chance to use what it has of better in the technological market. Hardly we do not have in the schools computers, Internet, cellular, datashow and too much tools. To use these tools is of utmost importance to the pupils, therefore it would very help and in the teach-learning and logical in the knowledge attainment. Nobody can be of is of the digital inclusion in the school. The function of the professor is to involve all in this process. The production of a site or blog as a space of dialogue of all the pertaining to school community (pupils and professors) .tendo debates on on subjects to the school and general education can be the door of entrance in the technology, that is, the envolvement of pupils and professors generating an intellectual interaction, thus groups of learning could be formed this everything saw Internet. Therefore professors, use to advantage this technology today, therefore tomorrow it will be outdated and from there we will have that always to start of the zero. The hour is now