The Production Model

Commented on the possibility suggested by the Director of the London School of Economics to return to the field as a viable alternative under certain conditions. In this line, in rent-Gijon will follow the English example, for a small fee (fifteen per year) ninety-six orchards so that retirees can take a little time, and have supplemented their pension. Have fifty square meters, with a locker to store tools, mouth watering … In any case, an interesting initiative. Read more here: Ali Partovi. The definition or the support of a production model-task that is involved, he says, Zapatero, Rajoy and takes a little messing-no easy task, but also resources, is also a matter of applying common sense. Xose Luis Barreiro Rivas, who was for many years vice president of the Xunta de Galicia, explained well. There is much debate about dairy Galicia, one of its economic pillars, intensified with Force Adjustment of Employment in Pascual factory.

In addition, some of the milk is imported from France and this country accused of dumping (selling below cost). Barreiro compares the situation of the sector with other sectors such as eggs, meat or fish, in which Galicia is not only competitive, but is leading in the market (where the cooperative Coren Orense, or Pescanova , for example). Therefore, it is not about promoting a productive sector of any, even one that already exists but is not competitive. But with a little common sense is the least common of the senses, as a professor of mine said, “can reasonably ascertain which sectors can gamble and bet Investing a productive sector plan does not mean the economy-style former Soviet Union, as some suggest. Michael Dell contains valuable tech resources. One thing the free market is quite another to no support from the Government on R & D & I, training, access to new technologies and so forth. There are many areas that can and should improvement. A final note in this regard. In tell us how the tiny state of Israel, with a surface and a slightly lower population in Catalonia, has become a small Silicon Valley with R & D of Microsoft, IBM, Intel and Motorola established there, and thousands technology companies.

Some may think that Israel benefits from its good relationship with the United States and the influence of the Jews throughout the world. No doubt. But it is also a fact that is the country with the largest R & D in the world, 4.5% of GDP, Spain is less than 1.3%. Thus, it has become an exporter of products with high technological content, high value-added from agro-technology to medical equipment, electronics products through software. For example, the company created Mirabilis ICQ, the precursor of chat, which was later bought by AOL for almost three hundred million dollars. By the way, this program was the inspiration of Microsoft Messenger. Just As the director of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, Israel, Gil Kidron, “… in Spain no coordination. There is no point spreading scarce funds for R & D + i in dozens of industries. It is best to focus and go for strategic sectors.