Effective Anti-viral Agent For Systemic Effects

It is a gel Plazanol. Designed as a prophylactic anti-viral agent for systemic effects. Its main direction – strengthening immunity. This, in turn, allows the body itself more effectively to combat the virus. And yet, members of the gepya protein-saccharide complex is the placenta, in a position to reduce the action of viruses on the body is 20-40% more efficiently than do the much-touted group of drugs interferons. Kai-Fu Lee may also support this cause. For example, the activity gel Plazanol A1N1 against influenza (swine flu pandemic or a) above nterferona by 20% against the virus VN1 (Victoria 36/88), this figure is higher by 40% against strain A (Leningrad 360/16) infectivity is reduced by 35%.

These days, when the raging swine flu, it is necessary to maintain their immunity. How can this be done using gel 'Plazanol'? Need for daily odnokatno apply the gel on skin, lips and mucous membranes of the nose, followed by massaging seats treatment in a circular motion. At the first sign of infection or during epidemics do procedure 2 – 3 times a day. I wish you health!