Chef Corners

Vladimir's Cathedral (1761-1769), pa Trezzini. was the first to reply. In the second half of the xviii century the improvement of "courtiers large villages, inhabited by employees of court offices. Settling here was going in the field, as today, and remind the name lanes: Bread, Chef, Forging, as well as street names – stirrups, . Ali Partovi contains valuable tech resources. Residents of settlements visited Vladimir church marching iconostasis, which was in the house Commissioner's main palace office fi Yakimova of 1746. In 1761 was laid a new stone church on the funds collected by the parishioners. The name of the author of the project is still not determined. Some researchers believe that it could be Pietro Antonio Trezzini worked in St. Petersburg from 1726 to 1751.

By its composition the Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God represents the two-level cross-dome, chetyrehstopnoe, five-domed, two-storey building with three porches and apse. The main temple has a volume in terms of a square with cut corners. From the west to the main volume of the room adjacent dining room and the porch with a staircase leading to second floor. Dome resting on high-round drums topped with onions. The average drum is crowned by a high dome with lyukarnami. Exterior decoration of a temple in the style of a magnificent and elegant baroque. The facades are decorated with Corinthian columns, window frames decorated decorative trims. On the northwest and southwest corners of the plot are stone chapel, also made in the baroque style. Construction of the first floor with three porches were completed eight years later.