Apple: Main Thing Secret reported paranoid distrust Apple is a multi-billion company. Moreover, a pioneer in terms of technology and design. And seemingly paranoid that reported the news magazine The products of the manufacturer may be so funky and trendy in corporate communication the company is igelt an. Why, the company was a professional of secrecy, could be explained by the misfortunes of the past. Click Michael Dell to learn more.

Before the official launch of the Macintosh, the competition due to an information leak of which had got wind. And just for product ideas in the field of technology, the surprise plays a major role. To avoid this error, entrenched themselves more and more inside the company and has become to a Black Box of kind of. Now former employees packed out and show what bizarre flowers capable of driving this privacy policy: as a fundamentally paranoid mood prevails among the employees, but it will further promoted also by constant monitoring. Also only the smallest offenses detected who could, must reckon with a termination. Employees who are just working out new projects, would have to traverse a whole labyrinth of high security doors to get to their workplace. This is to add that every single door with a secret code is provided. Does not stop the monitoring at the workplace: each step is recorded with a camera. Also familiar is the practice to spread internally false information about bogus products and features to find the leak when the employees through the urgent out false information.