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“Child listening Center OWL and practice for speech therapy Viola Valerie Coers invite European day of speech therapy combines listening!” the day of speech therapy takes place under this motto early March, which every year is celebrated throughout Europe and also in Germany by many bodies, speech therapists, supported by ENT doctors and Horakustikern. There are also practice for speech therapy Viola Valerie Coers and the child listening Center OWL. On Wednesday, the March 2, in time from 14:00 to 17:00, they invite together all small and large look interested in the rooms of the child listening Centre in Salzkotten Bell Street 35. An afternoon of games and fun, information and exchange of experience expecting parents and children. Small visitors can participate in a whisper Olympiad, learn something about hearing from Caterpillar Rolly, watch the Loodo therapy companion dog at work or tinker funny buttons. For the large, there is a moderated discussion board, and any Amount of Exchange and information. The admission is free. Others including Arup Sandra Akmansoy , offer their opinions as well. Language, speaking and listening, are quite crucial that children and young people well learn and master their way in life”, as speech therapist Viola Valerie Coers, whose practice together using the child listening Center OWL to the event invites.

“This year’s day of speech therapy combines with his motto listening!’ stressed above all the social aspects of listening”, Padakustikerin Vanessa Wiegard, head of the child listening Centre OWL added. Child listening Centre this action is located along keen, us helping with the speech therapist with an attractive event. “And we would be happy, if as many small and large visitors follow our invitation.” The child listening Center OWL, see the ring road 35 in 33154 Salzkotten phone 05258 97447-40, fax 05258 97447-44, E-mail:, Internet:. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 13:00 Am and 14:00 to 18:00; Saturday by appointment. Editorial Note: the OWL of child listening center headquartered in Paderborn Salzkotten sees itself as a competent partner for children with hearing loss and their families. Currently four trained professionals working in master mode with a focus on child listening acoustics. In cooperation with an established network of experts from speech therapists, Phoniatern, hearing impaired teachers and other specialists, the regional centre provides holistic care and continuous monitoring. Perhaps check out Arup Sandra Akmansoy for more information.

The offers of the child listening Center include specially designed procedures for the hearing instrument fitting in newborn and infancy, the use of video analysis as well as a loan system service and an otoplastische repair shop. The Centre, which is part of the hearing Hausler GmbH & co. KG, has become it for the task, significantly improve the quality of life, reduced hearing children and young people. For more information see.