When I started in the world of sales, I had the opportunity to work with one of the best managers I’ve ever had. This Manager had a unique ability to tell stories, was very creative and was actually a master of motivation. Every morning where we met with the other vendors, this Manager could motivate us despite having a bad day and of having sold absolutely nothing, being tired and wanting to throw the towel. Era in these meetings where he pulled his best weapons: motivational phrases, stories and stories that made us think and reflect on things that we spent and that we again filled energy to exit the field and face to customers. It’s been over 12 years since that already not working with him and that I have not news about where it will be, but now I think: who motivated my manager? I mean that at that time I as seller needed his support to be able to recharge my batteries, but when he was demotivated, who what? It sheds? And now that I am a sales manager what I’ve learned is that we must be able to motivate ourselves, I don’t think that at that time my manager was going where the owner of the company that it motivates him, but that he had learned to auto get motivated, without resorting to other persons or depend on anyone. But how can we do it? One of my favorite techniques is the dream with every one of the things that I want and I want to do in my life, inspires me and motivates every one of the goals I have for my life and when I really feel a letdown this revives me. The other is to think of my family, my daughters and my beautiful wife smile everytime I come home and knowing that every one of the things that I do is for the sake and future of them.