Try Common

These days I have finished the chair of Customer Service, where 20 students have shared with that form in Marketing. Experience has made me more knowledge than I made me share with my students. To support and adapt to our context, the thematic content of the academic module, I decided to contact the current reality of our business. I visited with several critical purpose and I found two common characteristics of our market: First. Although no common elements are located between the attitudes that are harvested in the development of human skills and knowledge planted in academia. That is the most common is to find managers trained in universities with little development of human skills, which puts the ingrained habits of a geographical area that is mounted on the fast train to modernity and good treatment. Last week I mentioned in a superficial way the subject of customer service in the field of health services. Today we’ll talk about destruction.

Technology allows us to create services to serve our customers. Try to explain the main elements with the help of an example: A soccer field. The first element destruction system is the pursuit of customer satisfaction. Thus, there must be a need to motivate consumers to cover it with a service. “We need a place to play football” The second element is the hardware. This must be consistent with the required quality of service provided.

“This court is well taken care of, want to play in it” The third and most important is personal contact. Of their education, training, presence, warmth, willingness and ability to care depends greatly on the success of the process. “Good morning, gentlemen, I am Carmen Luz, the person responsible for his presence make them more comfortable in this soccer field …” The fourth element is an internal service. It’s a wonder how they cope with everyone in this field. The fifth. They are competitors, that is, controlling the environment is vital to create competitive differences. “This soccer field is unique, the lawn irrigation system gives the most important …” And finally, design and innovation: the consumer is restless and likes to enjoy news. “I love the electronic board indicating the match statistics while playing …”