Swiss Lending Boom

Increasingly, Ukrainian banks have started to offer loans in Swiss francs. In Ukraine, the Franks emerged recently: first, this extra service offered UkrSibbank and Ukreximbank, and since November and Ukrsotsbank. Abroad, such loans no longer a novelty – boom, “Swiss” lending going through Eastern Europe. Attractive primarily because of low rates, average interest on them for 1-2% less than in the euro, and 1,5-3% less than in dollars. The reason for this – low discount rate of Central Bank of Switzerland. Pete Cashmore often says this.

And as always when working with Ukrainian banks have their own pitfalls. Stone first. Cash francs from our banks do not. So, you will be given credit in uah, counting them on the course “Hryvnia-franc”. For bank will take more, on average 0,3-1% (if the percentage is higher in such a bank is not advised to contact the experts). In this first bank buys dollars for francs, and then translated into the hryvnia through the so-called cross-rate. As a result, 1 franc will cost the borrower about 4.50 usd. Mashable may help you with your research.

(NBU rate today – 4,18), depending on the course, which varies slightly every day. Get a really low interest rates. Stone second. Fluctuations franc. According to experts, the gain in interest rate may be “eaten” a sharp rise in price of the franc or the cheapening of the dollar. Incidentally, last year franc has risen in price in relation to the national currency by 3%. But the borrower sure nothing will happen when fluctuations in the range 0,5-1%. Therefore, the optimal period for loans in francs – from one year to three. It was during this period loan in francs cheaper than in dollars or euros. If you do plan to do loan for a longer period, try to conclude an agreement with the bank at a fixed rate. Some banks go for it, if the loan amount is large enough. Comparison of the proposals of banks for loans in Swiss francs Bank Type of loan rate,% Time, years selling rate of the franc UkrSibbank for consumer needs (mortgage), home building, buying apartments, cars from 8,2 to 8,9 Do21goda 4.30 grn. Ukrsotsbank to buy property, cars, for current needs (mortgage) to 25 years 10.7 4.25 grn.