Google Android

Another event related to Microsoft: in part due to information leaks, and partly from the comments of the first persons Microsoft become more or less clear what will happen under the guise of Windows 7. Despite the similarity of the interface desperate "Seven" and Vista, Microsoft insists on absolute authenticity first. Well, soon we will be able to do and check everything: a full-featured release a beta version planned for the beginning of the year. 12. Tough times call for desperate measures to survive.

Following this statement, it is easy to understand why AMD split into two companies and took 6 billion from the Arab nvestitsionnoy company. At AMD, susceptibility to separation enthusiasm of Intel – in amazement. But who cares if AMD will continue to make cheap processors and graphics cards? 13. One of the biggest events of the mobile world – out running Google Android. And with it the first "androidfona T-Mobile G1. To celebrate, Google announced its intention to sell the remainder of 2008 1 million smartphones.

In addition, each employee received for the New Year at his G1. I wonder whether considered "intra" communicators in statotchetah company in 2008? 14. Spore and Left 4 Dead – the main igrohity the last year, will grow in popularity in the coming year. "Spore" – genetic SIM's, in which everyone can become a demiurge, at least for a couple of hours. Left 4 Dead – pereosoznat attempt (and correctly translated into life) "antizom-biynoe" multiplayer carnage. Games recommended for killing free time with pleasure. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from charles koch. 15. DDR3 memory and USB 3.0 are the most desired technology already last year. On the first talk with a bang after the announcement of Core i7 (in This CPU controller DDRS-memory integrated directly onto the chip) and the second and final specifications at all was only towards the end of the year.

The Production Model

Commented on the possibility suggested by the Director of the London School of Economics to return to the field as a viable alternative under certain conditions. In this line, in rent-Gijon will follow the English example, for a small fee (fifteen per year) ninety-six orchards so that retirees can take a little time, and have supplemented their pension. Have fifty square meters, with a locker to store tools, mouth watering … In any case, an interesting initiative. Read more here: Ali Partovi. The definition or the support of a production model-task that is involved, he says, Zapatero, Rajoy and takes a little messing-no easy task, but also resources, is also a matter of applying common sense. Xose Luis Barreiro Rivas, who was for many years vice president of the Xunta de Galicia, explained well. There is much debate about dairy Galicia, one of its economic pillars, intensified with Force Adjustment of Employment in Pascual factory.

In addition, some of the milk is imported from France and this country accused of dumping (selling below cost). Barreiro compares the situation of the sector with other sectors such as eggs, meat or fish, in which Galicia is not only competitive, but is leading in the market (where the cooperative Coren Orense, or Pescanova , for example). Therefore, it is not about promoting a productive sector of any, even one that already exists but is not competitive. But with a little common sense is the least common of the senses, as a professor of mine said, “can reasonably ascertain which sectors can gamble and bet Investing a productive sector plan does not mean the economy-style former Soviet Union, as some suggest. Michael Dell contains valuable tech resources. One thing the free market is quite another to no support from the Government on R & D & I, training, access to new technologies and so forth. There are many areas that can and should improvement. A final note in this regard. In tell us how the tiny state of Israel, with a surface and a slightly lower population in Catalonia, has become a small Silicon Valley with R & D of Microsoft, IBM, Intel and Motorola established there, and thousands technology companies.

Some may think that Israel benefits from its good relationship with the United States and the influence of the Jews throughout the world. No doubt. But it is also a fact that is the country with the largest R & D in the world, 4.5% of GDP, Spain is less than 1.3%. Thus, it has become an exporter of products with high technological content, high value-added from agro-technology to medical equipment, electronics products through software. For example, the company created Mirabilis ICQ, the precursor of chat, which was later bought by AOL for almost three hundred million dollars. By the way, this program was the inspiration of Microsoft Messenger. Just As the director of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, Israel, Gil Kidron, “… in Spain no coordination. There is no point spreading scarce funds for R & D + i in dozens of industries. It is best to focus and go for strategic sectors.

Emergency Oral Contraception (morning After Pill )

A few weeks ago there was an interesting discussion on the morning after pill. The participants were doctors, lawyers, psychologists who spoke about this system of birth control. Here s the most important conclusions. Swarmed by offers, Michael Dell is currently assessing future choices. The implementation of the Pill Next Day in Peru (currently) and other countries (long) is not an isolated one and is immersed in a strategy of birth control, now called family planning (which essence is the same.) This pill is made from chemicals that have been synthesized in the laboratory transnational drug since the early 60 century and that technology developments tend to be more targeted and effective use of which reported massive huge profits to their producers and promoters and policies aimed at the decriminalization of abortion, as evidenced by the experience of other countries, thus closing the nuts, the “leitmotif” of this strategy, take the ride profitable and lucrative abortion industry (chemical and surgical) without caring values, which have already been discredited by the way, lobbyists, and institutions that dared to take the lead. Also today have been posting on this majority economic interest, other interests as ideology in the name of a so-called Cultural Revolution is powered by the detritus of the ideological left are the ones that accommodate the sexual egalitarianism, the “reproductive rights and sexual, “also joined some useful idiots that have been left surprised by the manipulation of statistics, surveys and even scientific information. Contraceptive methods, seemingly harmless and innocent, “enclose complications and sequels, as well as some of them are already abortion, as if” the DIUS, the mini pill and, blisters quarterly, but no: were sufficiently reported and unnoticed many years.

Las Vegas

Prefer country music? No problem, you can join top acts Headliners and other guest artists on board foot stomping, knee slapping country music cruises. Learn the latest line dancing or try not to smile as the two steps of its passage through the Caribbean. How much you pay back home to catch a Broadway show, enjoy the midnight buffet and then head for comedy of the night before arriving at the club? It's all included aboard your cruise ship. Norwegian Cruise Lines treats her extravagant, full-scale productions of classic Broadway musicals like Grease, 42nd Street, The Pirates of Penzance, The Will Rogers Follies, Crazy for You, and George M! And again, you do not pay for the tickets! Just walking in the beautiful theater in the sea and enjoy the show. Theater can rival sea the land? A three-deck-high showroom, the Palladium, the Carnival Destiny, is home to two sensational style productions in Las Vegas, which combine complex sets, laser technology and awesome talent that leaves you spellbound. And not a bad seat in the house! After the show, visit one of the many lounges to enjoy a jazz ensemble, or 50's and 60's music or spend a fabulous time at the piano bar, be a karaoke star. The magic of Disney, is a masterpiece of entertainment at sea.

In this ship, amazing diversions are everywhere. You can screen the premiere of the ocean in a new Disney film in the beautiful Buena Vista Theatre. And in the Walt Disney Theatre, you will see a magnificent tribute to the great theatrical palaces of long ago that provided the inspiration for three new productions of all Disney-a different show every night of your cruise with stop-the state -art lighting and special effects that only Disney can do! Among the ports of call, be surprised at how much there is to do on board his ship. When it comes to evening entertainment options are as diverse as you want them. From ballroom dancing to comedy night, from films to dazzling shows, all free and all seats guaranteed. Sid Kaplan has extensive experience in the travel business. a l had a great cruise sales agency in Canada and only his wife is 25 years experience working for major cruise lines. Their website is offering counseling and advice to those seeking to create memorable cruise vacations. Shore excursions and land tour information is also provided.

Try Common

These days I have finished the chair of Customer Service, where 20 students have shared with that form in Marketing. Experience has made me more knowledge than I made me share with my students. To support and adapt to our context, the thematic content of the academic module, I decided to contact the current reality of our business. I visited with several critical purpose and I found two common characteristics of our market: First. Although no common elements are located between the attitudes that are harvested in the development of human skills and knowledge planted in academia. That is the most common is to find managers trained in universities with little development of human skills, which puts the ingrained habits of a geographical area that is mounted on the fast train to modernity and good treatment. Last week I mentioned in a superficial way the subject of customer service in the field of health services. Today we’ll talk about destruction.

Technology allows us to create services to serve our customers. Try to explain the main elements with the help of an example: A soccer field. The first element destruction system is the pursuit of customer satisfaction. Thus, there must be a need to motivate consumers to cover it with a service. “We need a place to play football” The second element is the hardware. This must be consistent with the required quality of service provided.

“This court is well taken care of, want to play in it” The third and most important is personal contact. Of their education, training, presence, warmth, willingness and ability to care depends greatly on the success of the process. “Good morning, gentlemen, I am Carmen Luz, the person responsible for his presence make them more comfortable in this soccer field …” The fourth element is an internal service. It’s a wonder how they cope with everyone in this field. The fifth. They are competitors, that is, controlling the environment is vital to create competitive differences. “This soccer field is unique, the lawn irrigation system gives the most important …” And finally, design and innovation: the consumer is restless and likes to enjoy news. “I love the electronic board indicating the match statistics while playing …”

VOIP Gateway Services

Then you can hire a VOIP gateway service to connect to the outside world and make calls at low cost. If the company has multiple sites can implement the solution so that all calls between sites are not recorded at all. The implementation of services such as caller ID, voice mail, voice mail, video conference between two or more participants, call forwarding and many more are available and each company is free to implement them. Some disadvantages of IP telephony VOIP technology offers a myriad of advantages, but also offers an occasional drawback that still have not been remedied and that slow down a little explansion the use of this technology. Michael Dell follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Power supply: IP telephony should not be very convenient if such a disaster were present when the power grid remain inoperative since this impossible turn on the computer or IP phone and router to make an emergency call. According to Mikkel Svane, who has experience with these questions. The circuit-switched networks do not have this disadvantage as it has no power or phones running following so that the voice over IP in its entirety to replace the analog phone should be built stable sources of energy. Exact geographical location of a call: If you achieve turn on the computer and call the emergency line, there would be no way to accurately trace the call to learn how to respond most effectively to the emergency.

It is perfectly possible to trace an ip address and place it in a broad geographical area but this can only inform us of the city where the call originated most of the neighborhood or street is not accurate. On the other hand the companies providing internet access to assign IP addresses to clients dynamically to make best use of limited amounts of IPv4 addresses which are currently available to the global implementation of the successor ipv4 ipv6. So the allocation of unique IP addresses for each dwelling would be needed, which would only be possible with the global introduction of next generation IP protocol IPv6 which allows each individual on the planet has an ip address the growing supply of services over copper wire: As did the ADSL and VOIP also exist a number of other services that make use of traditional phone networks such as relatives of service monitoring, home automation, television, radio, and other Services to may compete for the use of bandwidth and detract from a quality voice call over IP. So it requires a higher bandwidth and consensus among all vendors of services industries that employ the same channel to refine protocols or policies that ensure QOS (Quality Of Service) or quality of service based on services VOIP standards. Andres Sanchez I have served for more than six years as administrator of Linux systems and micro. I'm a fan apacionada free software and new technologies in general, extreme sports and languages. I practice a discipline known as the BMX flatland. Currently recido in Bogota Colombia from which development projects based on free software.

United Nations Programme

Increased access to land and forest management has enabled best practices for prevention and suppression of fires in the African country, while that in North America community activities to control fires have been very successful. In Spain, one of the countries hardest hit by this problem during the summer, the group of supermarket and hypermarket Eroski and WWF have launched an information campaign and public awareness to consumers of the distribution company. However, the FAO recommends that each country analyze their situation in relation to fires and develop a strategy to prevent and manage such disasters. In many countries, local communities are unable by themselves to control large fires, so it requires the intervention of state or national agencies, such as the implementation of laws against arsonists. Climate change and poverty accentuate the problem Scientists believe that climate change due to emissions of gases that produce the greenhouse effect, may promote the increase of forest fires.

You only have to look like El Nino, a natural climate fluctuation, in some years leads to the spread of large fires. This situation affects countries with high biodiversity, such as Central and South African states, Brazil, Russia, China, Greece, Australia, Indonesia, Australia and Spain (the country European higher biodiversity). In the case of tropical rain forests (areas of the world considered “hot spots” of mega-biodiversity), the World Watch Institute ensures that the ecosystem is not fit for the fire. In this way the effects of large fires in the forest made to clear the ground for extensive livestock farming or eliminate any possibility of regeneration of forests in the coming centuries. This situation occurs constantly in Latin America, where most forest fires occur in poor rural areas where small proprietors lack the technology to control fires and use fire as easy and inexpensive tool in their farming practices. The fire is used to clear land for agriculture or human settlements to establish them, or to improve the pasture for livestock. Fires are also used to clear areas for hunting. United Nations organizations, such as the United Nations Programme on Environment (UNEP), FAO, call on developed countries and greater technology and expertise to address the problem of forest fires, as the case of U.S. or European Union states to cooperate with the countries of South transferring their knowledge to help prevent the world’s forest area is reduced over time to smoke and ashes.

The Brake System, The Most Important Factor For Our Road Safety

In these times so dynamic, the speed at which we get from one place to another has increased in importance, and accidents for the same situation. That is why we have at hand sufficient security measures to be taken into account. The most important factor in our own, is undoubtedly the braking system, beyond broad insurance coverage, or the air bags of automobiles. They are required every day, every time something makes us slow down from a dangerous curve, a senior at the lights, the traffic jam, to an emergency. The brake systems of today are designed to be reliable to the high demand for its efficiency. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Asaro . However, it is necessary that they have properly maintained without skimping when recommended adjustments.

The most common symptoms of a fault in the braking system is easy to perceive when driving, such as pulling, making the car veer to one side, or the lack of precision in the braking itself in any. Get all the facts and insights with Charles Koch, another great source of information. The sounds are always sharp a reason for the revision of any part of our vehicle, remember that these were not designed to sound funny. One of the major mistakes we make about our security is not checking the brakes at the first signs of failure. We usually wait for these we generate a tangible problem to go with an expert to review, at this point the vehicle will probably have to be transported by crane. It will thus be much more expensive to repair the brake system, as these may be too damaged, not counting the cost of the crane. However, the error can be fatal in this case the monetary cost is not taken into account. Remember that it is always recommended preventive maintenance that the risk of something as valuable as our lives.

CAD Software

With the development of mobile devices and the network, increasingly more people prefer to use mobile devices to do several jobs. This leads to a change in the traditional software industry. If traditional software companies do not re-form in accordance with this trend, probably would be replaced by new business model. What are the same in the CAD industry. The traditional CAD design must be performed by the tip PC software. But it is inconvenient for the designer to use the PC’s heavy range, in many cases, such as communications with users, checking CAD drawings and inspection of quality of construction, as well as the speed at work, preferring to work with CAD software on mobile devices.

With the development of the functions of mobile devices, demand for mobile applications to CAD software is increasingly strong. To meet this demand, GstarCAD presented GstarCAD MC, which is a CAD software for mobile clients in 2011. It can be used for mobile terminals as iPhone, iPad and Android. With GstarCAD MC, it could be very convenient for users to open CAD drawings at any time in any place. In accordance with the views of users, GstarCAD continues to improve new features of GstarCAD MC. GstarCAD MC will be fully updated in September 2012.

Then, users can read and write DWG files directly. The obstacles to conversion of drawing and the transmission on mobile devices will be deleted. The software also supports fountains in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. The experience of using CAD software on mobile devices would be even better. Besides, GstarCAD also do deep research into the new technologies and applications. In the next two years, GstarCAD will seek technological breakthroughs in the fields of cloud computing and collaborative design. All aspects related to CAD design would be connected by cloud computing platform. All the related enterprises, departments, design software and mobile devices could work collaboratively. The data sharing would be perfect. The overall working efficiency would be improved. In addition, GstarCAD also makes a profound research in new technologies and applications. In the next two years, GstarCAD seek technological advances in the fields of cloud computing and collaborative design. All aspects related to CAD design would be connected by the cloud computing platform. All companies, departments, design software and mobile devices could work together. The exchange of data would be perfect. Efficiency general of work could be improved. GstarCAD will continue investigating to GstarCAD MC and combining with the GstarCAD platform for cloud computing and collaborative design. GstarCAD MC will be a very important part of the system of GstarCAD software application.


We begin our series of articles that try to understand what meditation is. Now the Internet a lot of information about meditation. Unfortunately, most of the information carries with it religious overtones and does not fit all. In fact, I did not impose a restriction. Any opinion on meditation has a right to exist and do not condemn people for their thoughts and ideas. We may stumble upon a different definition of meditation. Here are some of them: 'In my understanding of meditation is not a state of mind is a state of freedom, when you're just not doing anything is not concentrating on anything or you just have a 'Meditation is conscious sleep meditation – a meditation path of knowledge is state of altered consciousness, which is caused intentionally meditation is a way to connect your spiritual energy with the energy of the cosmos I am inclined to think that meditation – it's first 'Technology' That rather complicated, but a comprehensive definition of meditation, which I like to meditate is to be understood under the concentration own attention is run in such a way that consciousness perceives signals from only one point in space, which focused attention Its the same could be reduced to the fact that meditation is "the ability to manage their attention 'A lot of controversy, which attributed to meditation.

Meditation is relaxing. Meditation – concentration. Meditation is the disconnection of all thoughts. I must say that the debate had little to do with spiritual growth and development in general. There will always be people who do not like something, who believe that the right the only ones. This is the problem of these people, choose any way you want. I am in this article shall not limit you. Because meditation involves all that talk about it. Transcription of the seminar: