Vodafone Germany

The balance of Vodafone Germany and Arcor in the business year 2008/09 draw successful change to the integrated communications group, significant growth in DSL business customers and revenue, also dynamic growth in data services and the best profit margin in the German telecommunications market. Vodafone Germany is well positioned also in times of crisis and fit for the future. Good result for the year in a difficult economic environment is a sound basis for investments in new business areas and growth at the location Germany, including for example the recently announced construction of the worldwide competence center for IP-TV, video, and networked life worlds of the future in Eschborn near Frankfurt. In the past fiscal year, Vodafone Germany has successfully completed the transition to the integrated communications group. Profit margin stable – leader in the industry of light decrease mobile data services sales reach billion sales DSL with strong customer growth and 39 million customers use services of Vodafone and Arcor positive turnover development The first consolidated sales by Vodafone Germany and Arcor over all sectors amounted to 9,412 billion euros during the period April 2008 to March 2009. The also consolidated profit margin (EBITDA margin, earnings before interest, taxes depreciation and amortization) stood at 39.0 percent stable at the high level of the previous year, significantly faster than the industry in Germany.

In particular the areas of mobile data services and DSL developed very positively. Total nearly 39 million took advantage of the services of Vodafone and Arcor customers in the fiscal year 2008/2009. Friedrich Joussen, CEO of Vodafone Germany and Chairman of the Board of Arcor AG: \”we raise already significant synergies from the integration. As a full-service provider, we open up whole new customer segments. In the business customer segment Vodafone and Arcor have won a clear profile and won together important major orders on Government and industry.\” As examples, he mentioned Siemens, Allianz, McDonalds, DEKRA and the land Rhineland-Palatinate. .