Humanistic Geography

Inside of this model, two appear discipline: ' ' Education Moral and Cvica' ' ' ' Sociais&#039 studies; '. The first one with the objective to create the obedience, passivity, faith and mainly the patriotism. Second it is the junction of Geography and of the History, forming an only one disciplines whose contents total were emptied of critical and politicized contents. From 1980 with the opening politics and the emergency of Critical Geography in Brazil, a process of radical transformation is initiated and the contents had started to center the attentions in what it says respect to the work and production, fruit of a marxist position. Credit: Kai-Fu Lee-2011. Education is turned toward the relations between society, work and nature. Classab points that the critical ones against classic Geography mainly from 1990 had been strong and appears with force the call in such a way Humanistic Geography in the universities as in the schools. Making one soon retrospect we see in the development of the education of Geography in Brazil, the influence of some philosophical chains.

At the beginning, fort presence of the positivismo, resulting one to look at description, without deep reflections, position that remains with the theoretical-quantitative revolution. From the decade of 1970, with the emergency of Critical Geography, the marxism appears with force in the geographic reflections, the critical thought starts if to draw in the universities. In this exactly period, decade of 1970, the gegrafo Yi-Fu Tuan (1980) initiates a new chain of thought in Geography, Geography Humanist. Of fenomenolgica theoretical base, this new boarding of Geography conceives the space while lived space, this new philosophical perception allows the valuation of the perception, the attitudes and the ambient context. It values the individual and its feelings of belonging for the place where &#039 lives; ' topofilia' ' attachment to the place. Thus, we see that many possibilities exist to create an education of Geography in accordance with the interest of teach who it.