How To Wash Your Car Yourself !

You have purchased minimoyku and know how to use it (ie know what you need to connect it to the mains, ensure supply of water to expel air from the pump), but this does not mean that you know how to wash your car using the apparatus of high pressure (HPA). If you use the aed in order to simply knock down the dirt and rinse the body after a car wash sponge, no depth of knowledge you probably do not need. It will be sufficient only to realize that the gun should move in a horizontal plane "left-right" and nozzle must be from the surface at a distance of no more than 10 cm, but was it worth buying pressure vessel and continue to wash the car yourself? Of course not! It is time move to contactless sink. And the body does not hurt, and you less hassle. On the secrets of the right of non-contact cleaning said Oleg Semenov, commercial director KarcherMarket. Some motorists have complained that the the car after washing are dirty divorce. They are especially noticeable on dark colored cars, which have always been popular among urban dwellers. Someone hastily blaming minimoyku, well, someone car shampoo.

In fact, the reason be found in the wrong technology or organization washing. Must be aware that for non-contact car wash with regular shampoo will not work. To this end, specialized tools are available for non-contact cleaning. The range of Karcher these detergents are labeled rm 806, rm 809, rm 555, etc.