Fixing Aid Facilitates

Informationesportal of the VM stainless steel technology company launched no slipping and twisting: the new anti-twist VM stainless steel technology GmbH in Plettenberg enormously simplifies the installation of module support structures. The sophisticated locking device is simply attached to the hammer head screw and by a slight pressure between profile and screw head pushed after their turn in the aluminium profile. So the screw attaches easily to your position and can be repositioned in hard to reach places by pushing it blind. In a question-answer forum Samsung was the first to reply. Once the locking device is engaged, it ensures a full seat of the hammer head screw. Add to your understanding with Energy Capital Partners. A further Visual inspection is no longer necessary. Our locking device is first and foremost a mounting aid saves also a lot of time”, so Karsten Thiel, sales manager of VM stainless steel technology GmbH.

where conventional way often hammer-head bolt painfully had to be fixed in the correct position in the profile and held their position by hand, the patented anti-twist ensures now tight fit. A slipping or falling out of the screw from the profile is thus impossible. In addition, the bolt against turning back is secured in the profile. We can ensure at all times the best fit of the screws in the aluminium profile”, Karsten Thiel is mentioned. The Assembly can perform now much more comfortable, faster and safer”, so next Thiel. This time savings, and the safety is pleased assemblers such as customer alike..