Feudal System

Finally, it exists the pure and simple incompetence and the room. The clientelismo: a concept stops beyond Weber In the occidental societies, mainly in those where the social inaquality is in accented surplus, one practical common one in the current days is the use of the clientelismo as form to assure to be able. When one is specifically about the Brazilian Nation, is still more clear this practically, mainly in devoid communities, where the exchange of the vote for any object, guarantees the politician (that at this moment it tries to hide under another term: candidate) some years of being able. He is possible to trace a comparison here with the primrdios of the Brazilian civilization, when the finders (invading of lands beyond-sea) that here they had arrived obtained to change objects of little value for objects of the biggest value advertising. Of certain, it is important to perceive that these objects did not have the lesser value for the natives who lived here, have seen that they did not know commercial usage in the same way as those that had arrived here. is in this finishes drawn commentary the great one of this comparison, therefore, in the same way ' ' povo' ' delivery its objects of value ' ' comercial' ' (the vote) for other objects that will not have as much value of social change, but that they are, at least necessary to the individual. The Clientelismo is a subsystem of relation politics – in general on to the coronelismo, where if it reedits an analogous relation to that one between suserano and vassal of the Feudal System, with a person receiving from another one the protection in exchange for the support politician. As he notices characteristic the customer is in total submission to the master, independently of with this possessing any familiar or employment relation. In Brazil and some countries of Latin America, its roots retrace to the patriarcais origins of these society.