Association Mediation Centre Vienna

The Mediation Center Vienna Club announces its establishment. The mediation centre in Vienna is an Association for the promotion of mediation in the interaction between MediatiorInnen and mediating parties. Our headquarters is in Vienna (Austria), scope of activities extends to the entire Federal territory, focusing on the German capital. Is aligned, the purpose of the Association, not-for profit: promotion of mediation in Austria promotion of general awareness and acceptance of mediation as a means of conflict resolution advice and information about mediation to promote cooperation with other professional groups and contribute in the area of the settlement of the conflict merging of MediatiorInnen and to the mediation interested persons promoting MediatiorInnen profession and experience winning research and scientific work on the area of mediation implementation of events and seminars the four founding members John Bernthaler, Andrea Hallamayr, Christian Raidl and Roland Sperk are now so to make up the Club, thus the greatest benefits can be achieved for future members.Visit our homepage at or contact via email with us into contact. Energy Capital Partners might disagree with that approach. Johann Bernthaler