Happy Subject

An example of this is the game Happy Harvest, that is present in the site of Orkut relationships, in which the objective is to keep a farm, cultivating plantations and animals. What he differentiates are the ways of if playing, where the user can help one known to cultivate its plantation or can steal the fruits produced, everything in a controlled environment where valley the diversion. Another example is the Social Ball Soccer of the site of Facebock relationships, where the user of the net can create a teams, choose sponsorship of real companies and dispute all broken of soccer, defying its known or participant of the net in one. These are examples of games that are making success in these nets and what it calls attention is the fact of great companies, not only of the branch of the games, to be investing in the idea. (To see figure 5). Figure 5: Happy harvest and Social Ball Soccer the investment of these nets of relationship in promoting games that attract attention of new participants it is the main point currently, therefore beyond the development of the relationship of the participants, it promotes ways of amusement to the same ones while they use the nets. 5. FINAL CONSIDERAES Although the subject to cause controversies concerning as the games influence in the way to think and to act of the people, saw that the electronic games can be considered healthful, as much in pedagogical terms as psychological. In this article we search to clarify some subjects concerning the subject, Leaving of the influence of the games in the culture, of the sprouting until modernity, where diverse ramifications and its marcantes points had appeared. We treat the subject who is the villain, explanando the factors that take the games to be considered as maleficent to the players and the possible solutions so that if it changes the vision of that the games alone make badly.