According to its etymology the loop, comes from the latin word laqueus.Loop is defined as lacing or knot of ribbons or such a thing which serves as embellishment, forming some as leaves, leaving cabos loose and pending. Ancient architecture used interlacing as ornamentation; in Arab architecture is also used for the same purpose with geometric shapes; This art consisted of several tapes that were cut and whose changes and repeated intersections were large number of polygons. In this way distinguished six, eight, ten, twelve sides ties; According to which outside the polygon a Hexagon, an Octagon, a decagon, a dodecagon, etc. This kind of drawings can be applied to very diverse industries such as ceramic glassmaking of colors, fabrics, wallpapers, etc. The gift is defined as a gift which is made voluntarily or by custom; taste or complacency that occurs at any time. It is a token of affection, of love, of entertainment.

The custom of offering gifts or present existed in many ancient peoples; featuring the most advanced civilizations. This practice is from its beginnings in Roman and Greek peoples. One of the main present was the hospitality given to the stranger. Another practice among the Greeks was the anniversary of the birth or birthday; in which were gifts to the children which consisted of: amulets, rings and bouquets of flowers. Another occasion very suitable for making gifts was the celebration of the marriage; whose main gift was the dowry. In Rome prevailed the custom made gifts between relative and friends throughout the year.Today using the art of performing loops and monkeys artistic and professionally, leads us to create our own company without moving home. This can find you it here at as well as other items of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development: health, sports, Computing, entertainment, languages, painting and more.