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The aim of this paper is that you increase the quality of their relationships and deepen their connection with those who matter most. What good is achieving a high level of success if you do not have someone to share? If we are to achieve the full realization we must learn to care for and improve our relations. Here are some clues that can help us create truly extraordinary relationships. Credit: Kai-Fu Lee-2011. 1. Worry about know what are the values and rules of the person with whom you share a relationship. Know what is important for the other person and based on rules that structure their lives. However much we appreciate and love two people, if one breaks the rules of the other or violates any of its values, problems appear in the relationship. Nicolas Keller oftentimes addresses this issue. Of course it is inevitable that sometimes shocked to have different rules, but knowing in advance you can anticipate and prevent conflicts from escalating into crisis.

2. Give your relationship the importance it deserves. Turn them into a priority of his life. Often overwhelmed with the daily emergencies that we demand our work and our commitments, we ignore in our relations background. When this happens the relationship begins to cool and the passion starts to fade. 3.

For a relationship to succeed you have to enter it with the mentality of giving, not receiving. Lots of people build relationships with the sole purpose of getting something, to get the other person treats you well. It is a great error.