Racial Understanding

We initiate the project, sharpening the curiosity of the pupils, so that the same ones gave to beginning the directed research, in order to demystify the esteretipos on Africa. We work the film, ' ' I buzzed of palmares' ' , which the educandos had been comovidos with the images, the bravery of the Africans, and the determination in conquering its objectives had standed out in its reports. After, studies and research, the pupils elaborate posters, socialized with excessively the acquired knowledge. The culminncia of the project, if it gave, through a degustation of Afro food, made with the aid of the proper pupils, beyond cultural presentations, involving parade of Afro fashion and an interpretation of ' ' Repente' '. We believe that the project was a total success, and very contributed with the learning of our pupils, and without a doubt we perceive that many esteretipos had been demystified FINAL CONSIDERAES When carrying through this project, we can live deeply, of very synthetic form, but objective and estruturante a familiarization regarding the racial relations and of the condition of the black in the pertaining to school environment, our work was in the direction to produce knowledge scientific that contribute to portray the reality of the blacks in the pertaining to school resume. We perceive the importance of critical debates in the pertaining to school environment, in order to eliminate the racial preconceptions and even though with the objective to show the equality of the human being, independent of the pigmentao of the skin. Continuing the reasoning line, on the perspective of as to abolish the racial differences, we arrive at the so controversial point, if both the pupils white and black, are part of the same education system, because this so great differentiation between them. It is necessary, to treat the racial relations, of more consistent form, looking for to pass to the pupils who the contributions of the black race for our society had been as much that never we could have prejudiced feelings because of the color of the skin.