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What state are the flats the greatest? In the year 2009 (stand: 31.12.2009) there was a total 39 390 468 apartments, in Germany of 30 690 007 apartments accounted for by the former Federal territory and 8 700 461 on the new Lander and Berlin. There are no surprises on the population. This amounted to 65 541 million in the former Federal territory and 16 461 million in the new Lander and Berlin. The total population in Germany amounted to 82,02 million inhabitants. Comparing the number of apartments with the population level, an average of 2.08 household members per apartment is. Here, Energy Capital Partners expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

In the old Lander, it is slightly above the national average (2.13 people per apartment). In the new Lander and Berlin live on average 1.9 persons in an apartment. The most populous countries were in 2009 as in the previous years North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. The propping up Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saarland and Bremen. The number of apartments behaves in the Lander largely proportional to the number of inhabitants. This means that the States with the highest population recorded the highest number of apartments.

The exception is Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg. Live in Brandenburg some 240 000 more people than in Saxony-Anhalt, but there are about 200 000 apartments less. The average living space is 86.6 square meters each apartment in Germany. In the former Federal territory it is 90.3 square meters, in the new Lander and Berlin at an average 73.3 m. 17 square feet of living space available, are the inhabitants of the former Federal territory sums in their homes an average which is about the size of a room. The most generous apartments of in Germany are located in Rhineland-Palatinate, followed by the Saarland. Here, the average square footage is 98.8 m m or 97.6 m. Other federal countries with a living area of about 90 m are in descending order: Lower Saxony, Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse – all States on the former Federal territory. The lowest average square footage amounts to 70 m and is listed for Saxony. In City-States, where the living room due to the limited space and some relatively high number of inhabitants (Berlin) is limited, reached the number of square metres on average not of 77 m (Bremen). The average area apartments in Hamburg is 72.3 m and apartments in Berlin expect m with 70.4 m. A total 3.5 billion square meters of living space available were in the year 2009 in Germany. 2.7 billion m of which accounted for the former Federal territory and 6.4 billion square meters in the new Lander and Berlin. The inhabitants of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia had m 2009 with a total 7.16 billion more living space than the inhabitants of Berlin, Saxony, Thuringia, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt together (6.4 billion square meters). Saarland, the State in which the apartments are the greatest according to Rhineland-Palatinate, had about 5 million m Of living space, with which it is in this category between Hamburg and Bremen. In conclusion, it can be said that the apartments in the former Federal territory are larger on average than in the new Lander and Berlin. Among them, the apartments in the South of Germany – with the exception of Lower Saxony – are generally greater than in the remaining Federal territory. Who is nationwide apartment search and would like to increase his chances on a larger apartment, should look to the South, and in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Award For “VIP-PRE

A practical and innovative service for real estate sellers landlords. FILDERSTADT – the unique video animation for the representation of real estate is the initiative Mittelstand INNOVATION product 2008″has been awarded. “Under the name of VIP-PRE”, the company in Filderstadt, near Stuttgart developed the innovative service video idea production “for the appearance of residential, business, hotel and holiday homes. Pete Cashmore has compatible beliefs. The composition of live images/live videos with the floor plans of the sales or rental objects is new to the multimedia presentation. Commits the viewers of the videos”the object virtual and real from room to room and receives parallel getting information about the floor plan and the location of each displayed image sequences.

“” With the videos we offer a contemporary alternative and complement to printed exposes “or the classic indicator”, reported idea Ernst G. Heldele, the owner of video production. The multimedia presentation offers real benefits for almost all occasions, are related to the sale or rental of real estate. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mashable. In principle then, if interested parties will be addressed, which do not live in the vicinity of the object. The modern appearance with moving images the provider not only signal, that they move with the times, but they help potential buyers or tenants in finding effective after their dreams. Because the videos an impression so precise, that no time-consuming on-site visits are required in the first stage. “” Because we prepare the key information and visualize floor plans “, stresses Ernst G. Heldele, everyone can save valuable time, which can be otherwise engaged.” “The video producer is convinced that after the film show” only really interested in the provider will register.

Also the market is connected with these videos actually worldwide, because the movies through the combination of layout animation and optical appearance, without (foreign) language comments come from. Even extensive descriptions are no longer necessary. Other features include background music, because music can positively influence the purchase decision, or the presentation of the object in an aerial view. On demand”, Ernst G. Heldele, be in the films show also details such as flooring, the exact kitchen or looking out a window”. Where can the VIP PRE videos be used? In the direct mail to interested parties, as well as on the Internet: For brokers as a presentation in the Office or in the shop window. The movies can be integrated into the existing Web sites, or may be made by those in real estate portals in Immobilienscout24 “. VIP-PRE-videos are particularly well suited for the so-called bidding process.” The company video idea production offers its services to private people.

Federal Government

There are alternatives to deposit money safely. Well a month ago, many, also senior bankers thought that the worst was now over. Pandey. Only in September was the peak of the US financial crisis. This big bang arrived in Germany with full force as well. As a result, Many investors are unsure of themselves. So far the big run on financial institutions remains in Germany. For this reason, because the Federal Government has confirmed that money in accounts are safe.

But what happens to the pension scheme and the investment in transferable securities? Predictions are difficult, because no one can say whether we have reached the low point of the banking crisis and still holds the predicament as long. So the question arises: how are investors to play it safe? Certainly is discouraged by a hasty action, but it is also true: many investors need to check their financial strategy. One way to bring existing assets in a safe haven, is to invest in real estate. Who’s on a solid investment sets, will not come in the future of real estate”, white Ralf Robert Hundt (surveyor for real estate valuation) of the real estate management Hundt, Gelsenkirchen-Buer. Investors who purchased yet not even used property, should take this into account.

It is the only form of capital investment, where they largely self determine the value, without having to rely on a bank management.” Property owners have a great advantage: are men, about their investment. They themselves determine what steps they take, to secure or increase the intrinsic value of the object. This makes them independent of the financial market. The value of a property but in many cases also depends the location, but houses that are in shot, suffer in crisis situations hardly value loss. This applies to owner-occupied property, as well as for the pure investment. Who would like to acquire a property for retirement provision, should afford previously a good advice, the above all on the Impairment of objects focuses. (Source: Ilan Ben Dov). Only value stable objects as suitable investments. The living quality and facilities, such as, for example, a modern heating system are the decisive factor here. As the demands on the living room change due to the increasing age of the population, a special importance in particular accessibility. Barrier-free homes boast spacious bathrooms, elevators and doorways without humps and enable also older residents to move freely. The value of real estate depends also from the living environment, good transport links, shopping or schools nearby. In addition, the situation of course is an important criterion. Real estate, which are too large distance to capitals or major cities, are more likely to avoid losing increasingly to appeal due to higher fuel prices.

Attractive Student Apartments

Youlip.com product range expanded to include Frankfurt am Main, October 22, 2008 reducing the gymnasiale Oberstufe provides in the coming years for a massive increase in the number of students. It is already difficult to find a place to stay, for first-year students in student cities, housing is even scarcer. A problem which has adopted the Depant Bautrager GmbH & co. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ali Partovi is the place to go. KG: construction company plant in Giessen, a student rate of 37 percent, Germany at number one, a private student residential complex with 42 units. The Youlip AG presents the project recommendation Portal youlip.com. Who successfully recommend the attractive investment to friends, relatives or colleagues, receives a reward in accordance with the principle of the platform. The investment in an apartment turns out to be as future-proof measure. Swarmed by offers, ???? ?? ?? is currently assessing future choices.

Because the monthly contribution of approximately 50 euro helps to realize a part of own pensions inflation. From a purchase price of 65,000 euros available to all apartments until the beginning of the Winter semester 2009 be ready for occupancy. Construction Depant expanded its range of lucrative projects. Since 2001, the builders in the Hessian university town has built more than 200 apartments in 9 student residences and fully rented. Atilla ozkan, CEO of Youlip, explains: because financial products, a recommendation from the familiar circle enjoys a significantly higher priority as advertising, we see a great potential for us in this area. Our goal is to introduce the Youlip users in the future more lucrative financial projects.” All apartments are easy carefree real estate: pre-selects Depant careful tenant on request and takes over the complete care of apartments and tenants. The CFI FairPay AG, one of the leading companies in the German capital insurance secondary market takes over the sales of apartments.

The tour of completed student residences belongs to the Advisory Service. In a personal interview, a CFI staff also provide informed still available apartments and their purchase prices. Expert explanations to design and facilities of the apartments, as well as to the checkout complete the service. Contact: Marc-Alexander Reinbold online editor Youlip AG stock str. 2-4, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone: + 49 69 50951-7570 email:

Arranging Monument Real Estate

SBK sets new quality standards for cooperation partners through the successful relaunch of sector-specific Internet platforms Cologne in November 2009 the SBK Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH, headquartered in Cologne thanks to innovative marketing concepts and customer-oriented consulting services has established itself in recent years to the leader in the nationwide teaching monument Realty. Modern, tailor-made financing concepts and professional solutions for partners also contribute to the success of the company and cause that 2009 is the best year of the already 20-year corporate history. With the right funding worth buying a monument real estate: the risk is to calculate the tax savings optimally and the increase in value included. Advice on funding opportunities from monument real estate is an important element in the consulting and support concept of SBK. The consultancy has an in-house financing Department, the financial experts with decades of experience deal exclusively with the implementation of tailor-made financing concepts for monument real estate buyers.

Thanks to the good cooperation and the excellent contacts with a wide range of regionally and nationally active banks are attractive financing opportunities available. Also the advice about funding and support for the application of a KFW loan include the competent financial advice in the SBK. All components have to fit together, then the purchase of listed real estate is a highly attractive instrument for capital formation, we are aware of this responsibility and implement every day for our customers this\”Joachim Bongard, who is responsible for the distribution and sale in the company tells us. Successful sales strategy for monument real estate based on a network with renowned banking institutions and renowned accountant firms with over 500 sold apartments alone in the last 5 years that was existing for almost two decades Family business set new standards. Due to the enforcement of the market already first banking institutions engage with the SBK, to close a cooperation, and to benefit from the large experience of the company.