The rapid growth of the Internet creates favorable conditions for developing their business in cyberspace. Ever-widening audience of users world wide web is the widest on the market which can implement a variety of goods: both real and virtual. At the core of any business that is built on the Internet, is a web site. Moreover, the success of the project and its profitability is affected by many factors. But the first thing the visitor sees any site – it is its interface. From the appearance and ease of use depends, will the casual Web surfer to read, that is such a valuable site or simply presses the "Close" button in your browser.

It is only later, when the user moves into the category of regular readers, it will be ready to forgive mistakes and flaws in the interface of the site. But at the first meeting interface will play a key role in tying close relationship with your client. "By their looks met, a good mind." Make an original, stylish and high quality working website is impossible without the use of JavScript. Just a few lines of code revive frozen items menus and buttons. With the help of a script in JavScript you can scroll through pictures in the portfolio. Yes, and add a functional website in the derivation of the data page will also help in JavScript. It would seem that those who use content management system the site does not need knowledge of JavScript.

For them, says a huge amount of modules and plug-ins that implement a variety of effects and features. But do not forget that the development of Web technology is not standing still. And the latest version JavScript libraries allow you to realize what a year ago, said as a fantasy. Therefore, the update of the site is inextricably linked with the use of JavScript. Would be a mistake to believe that the study of JavScript is available only to the elite, those who have 'seven genius'. Fortunately, programmers around the world are working on that create different libraries for JavScript, greatly simplifying the syntax and use. Furthermore, the use of JavScript code on web pages available anyone who knows how to read the manual. After all, there are remarkable video courses, lessons are in an accessible and understandable form will disclose all details of this remarkable technology. Using JavScript on the pages of the website will a new milestone in the development of your web project. Evgeny Popov – author of Video on the site building. Including video-Javascript + jQuery for beginners in video format.