System Memory

Members believe that utilities have different requirements for memory, but it is not always the case. Function typically performs a smaller set of tasks than a full-featured application. But it should be keep in mind that due to limitations in the problem it is often limited memory requirements. ms dos utilities have a small size to fit the small memory size. The developers of Windows utilities less reason to create small applications, due to the fact that Microsoft has made Windows memory management easier. Also today, computers have much more memory. damage to the space system kernel Windows.

It is unlikely that developers have made so little effort to test their products to this problem went unnoticed. Often there is such a situation: aberrant pointer begins to rewrite the application domain System Memory Windows. As a general rule, Windows xp detects the problem and displays a warning. In fact, I have never encountered such a problem, but many users have reported this. Windows xp automatically completing a similar application. Sometimes the system does not detect the problem until such time until it's too late: the case of leakage, and in this state it can not change the situation, and then just freezes. In this case it is best to contact the developer and see if correct this problem.

slip disk (Disk Thrashing). If you try to include an application that does not support, you may encounter with the phenomenon of slip disc. Sign of slippage is long burning led hard drive and slow application performance.