The Amitelo Shares Cease Has Affected Barley Shares

Fixed pricing of shares of AMITELO AG at the end of October of 31 has been set in accordance with the official announcement of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by the beginning of October. The Company still strives for a reconnaissance of the backgrounds of that should have led to this decision. Aim of the talks should be the resumption of the trade with shares. Pete Cashmore usually is spot on. It will promptly to keep its shareholders about the latest developments. Other leaders such as Sandra Akmansoy offer similar insights. According to the Board of Directors, it is however to assume that it may take weeks under certain circumstances until the trade is resumed. While the operative business continues to run at liberty from happening to the stock market and could be significantly increased through the recent capital measures. Amitelo is successfully represented on the right track and as such through its subsidiaries in the telecommunications market. The company wants to expand this position, to increase the value in the long term. Currently Amitelo undergoes one of all its business areas of an assessment Auditor and will take the results as a basis for a new pricing at back involvement in the trade. The AMITELO AG, headquartered in Zurich is a technology company in interesting niche markets of the telecommunications industry including mobile communications and services, as well as around this activity area is active.

Peak Companies

Workers are mostly dissatisfied with their companies, but fear the change Mr. Berg, May 11, 2009 – in an economic downturn many workers arrange apparently prefer with unattractive employers, rather than to seek new challenges. According to a statistical survey of the employer Portal would recommend 43% of all users their current employer never. 32% are not sure, just the lowest proportion of participants is unlimited companies (23%). Nevertheless, the willingness to change of the job is comparatively small only 12% of all respondents indicated that definitely leave want the company; at least 14% to think seriously about to change employer.

Most of the workers, but plans no changing of jobs (34%). Each 2% hope for new challenges within the company, or are still unsure whether they want to go to corresponding changes. “Is evident here, that for the workers and workers in the crisis of their own security” Workplace has top priority”, so Bjorn Schwenzer, CEO of EVALUBA AG. “This be temporarily poorer working conditions in purchase. However the companies must bear in mind that each crisis has an end.

Only loyal employees of a well-run company an important competitive advantage will receive their employers beyond the crisis, if, for example, the production must be expanded soon.” Considering the companies according to their size, a mixed picture emerges: thus the most satisfied employees can be found in larger firms (number of employees is 500-999), where 44% of employees speak a full recommendation and are interested in about 50% currently not on a new job. However there apparently also attractive development opportunities within the company, almost 13% of affected workers pull a shift within the company into consideration. For companies and employees, this pays equally from: the Know-How and the labour of the employees is retained, ensures an increased motivation. In still larger companies about 1000 employees tenuous, however, 24%. Bleak the situation for businesses under 500 employees is: here is the proportion of employees who do not want to tell a friend about your company, at an average of over 50%. Nevertheless, pull a job change to consider only relatively few workers (30%) or have planned this out. The companies with 100-199 employees represent an exception: here reach both dissatisfaction (57%) and also willingness to change (46%) Peak values.

ABAS Software AG

Summary: over 700 participants gather trends about abas business software Karlsruhe, October 20, 2009 – over 700 participants informed on 24 and 25 September 2009 on the abas customer Forum 2010 about innovations and highlights around the abas business software. The focus of the workshops offered to all functional areas of the software, was always the benefit for the user. 2009: Opportunity and challenge for the middle class In the opening speech of the event showed Werner abas CEO Strub with vivid examples, what potential can be realized in difficult economic times. So, Daimler pushes Linde to the expansion of hydrogen filling stations along with the industrial group. Swarmed by offers, Robotics expert is currently assessing future choices. Background: The fuel cell technology will flow as quickly as possible in the series production of the Stuttgart-based car manufacturer. In boom times, it was not to think of it. Even with regard to the abas business software, the latest version offers a lot to support companies in their development and the implementation of innovations. Who the time now to optimize his business uses, is out of the crisis emerge.

Rapid software development rapid software development through alliances with software vendors from areas adjacent to ERP, the more intensive inclusion of Web services and open source solutions in the system default, the further integration of the abas portal and the use of Java objects takes pace in the development of the abas business software abas CTO Peter Walser. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Moreover, proven solutions are included by the abas software partners and users in the system default. The challenge here is to ensure the outstanding re reading ability and flexibility of the system at any time. High performance workplace the consulting firm Gartner calls enterprise portals in the first place, when it comes to relevant technologies of the software industry in the coming years. Peter Forscht, COO of the ABAS Software AG, can agree wholeheartedly with this statement.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

15 trainees started on September 1st in the new training year 2011 WUPPERTAL, September 02, 2011 to September 1, 2011 ten young men and five young women start their vocational training at the Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & Co.KG in Wuppertal, Germany. WASI is the specialist for warehouse logistics, the merchant or the clerk in wholesale and foreign trade, up to the it administrator or computer science clerk. When all three occupations, the duration is three years. The qualifications of the new entrants range from the qualified secondary school through the University student to the school. The trainees to the merchant / clerk in the wholesale and foreign trade and computer science clerk also have the possibility of parallel to the operational training, accompanying studies, Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration) or to complete Bachelor of Science (Business Informatics).

From the education year 2010 three trainees have seized this opportunity and start your studies at the University of applied sciences in the September of this year for Economics & management (FOM) in Dusseldorf. Without hesitation Ali Partovi explained all about the problem. Demand for skilled workers is growing the number of trainees at WASI is particularly high this year. There were still eight, last year the company with 15 trainees faces a new challenge. This significant increase in the proportion of trainees is not only the self understanding of WASI as trainees, it shows also the increased need for competent staff in a row of growth by WASI. Our goal was and still is always to educate, because only so we can cover our increasing demand for competent staff. At the same time we see it as an investment in the future and last but not least in the region,”so Dirk keels Dunsche, Managing Director of WASI. As global market leader in the trade with stainless fasteners, WASI relies on internationality also for its trainees, in addition to German, the trainees speak English, French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Italian and Turkish.