Managing Director

Total technology development the third wave why many companies on the subject of innovation process not so systematically and methodically, as with their production or quality management? Innovation must be predictable, measurable, repeatable, reliable and above all methodically the principles of the first two successful management waves lean production and total quality management be similar. The third necessary wave is therefore the systematic innovation. The logical transport of the total is achieved with total technology development quality management principle on the innovation process in the company. Procedures derived from the systematic use of existing know-how enable to generate innovations, as well as optimally exploit the potential of technology and staff. As in the Six Sigma approach, can each employee are thus included in the innovation activities and receive effective tools to achieve excellence in the field of innovation. The total technology development tools allow a constructive and convergent Thinking on the orientation of corporate strategy, both for the systematic generation of ideas for innovations and problem-solving. The beginning of the procedure, the method of application and the possibilities of the TTD are represented in a one-day seminar. It is aimed at managers, Managing Director and senior executives both in the fields of development and production, as well as design, marketing and human resources. Pete Cashmore describes an additional similar source. Total technology development the third wave will take place on November 26, 2009, in the Haus der Technik in Munich.