Plastic Windows

Despite its apparent simplicity and simple, any window – a rather complicated structure in which there is no random element. What to say about modern window systems with double-glazed windows! They design and create a the latest technology, hoping each node and the whole system to meet certain requirements. Therefore, in the early excursion into the diversity of modern windows will be useful to determine what elements they composed. The formula of a typical box includes four main components: the frame glass fittings seals consider in detail the purpose and features of these components. Rama With the advent of plastic windows our lexicon enriched by another meaning of the word 'profile'.

Those who have ever bothered to buy new windows for a long time to show off in front of familiar phrases 'PVC-profile', 'wooden profile', 'profile system'. Many believe that the profile and the frame – it's the same thing. In fact, the profiles – it's the components that create a window design: a) the actual frame (fixed part of the window, the one 'box', which will, if removed from its hinges all that is removed), and b) leaf (all that is hanging on its hinges, and that can be opened), and c) Additional components of the window construction, designed, for example, to divert rainwater away from the window (reflux) or used for accurate finishing the side surfaces of window opening (slope), or hold glass in a frame (fillet), etc. Profiles produced today mainly because of three materials: wood, plastic (PVC) and metal (usually aluminum).