Dry Cleaning Electrolux

The municipality of the province of Valencia, with a population which is around 30,000 inhabitants, will enjoy the advantages of a totally ecological dry-cleaning of Electrolux. To mount a dry cleaner, the entrepreneur was put in contact with our master franchisee in Spain, and this helped him decide by the ecological Electrolux dry-cleaners. World renowned Swedish brand, made for years a range of Professional machines dedicated to the dry cleaners, Electrolux specializes in environmentally friendly dry cleaners with the medium ambiente(Greenpeace avala este aspecto) machinery, and also its not accurate system syrop, product that has experienced an increase in the sale price, so arguably it is a dry-cleaning system much more profitable than others. For the entrepreneur who is still to be decided, should know in Electrolux we offer a wetcleaning franchises by 54.950 keys in hand, with a personalised study of marketing, machinery complete for the laundry (washing machine, dryer, ironing dummy) Bagger,) complete civil work (plumbing, electricity), projects opening and electricity, material fungible (hangers, soaps) for six months of operation of the dry cleaning and full training for its management.