To do this, you just have to decide in what group records of applicants or employers in the database you want to send your request or information. If it is the users or employers who complete all of their data and have received a "Certificate of Trust", then you just click on the the link "Newsletter" in front of the group, whose specialty or category you are interested. The result – your message will be delivered to all who are in this group. As you can see, this technology can significantly reduce the time and do the job on the site efficient. Samsung shines more light on the discussion. Each applicant should be aware that the higher the rating it be in the directory, the higher the chances of finding a paying job. Site developers offer a universal catalog, which will include all your achievements, such as the recommendations, number of work site traffic, etc. From all these parameters depend on the order of your position in the directory.

The higher it is, the better. More info: Samsung. For greater the probability that a top rating, you can purchase a paid status defense, which not only identifies your account in a different color, but also gives it an advantage over all others – the usual – records. To the employer or the customer can more clearly decide for themselves to what the artist is best to seek to fulfill its mission, the site a special shared directory, where all of those or other performers. Nothing like the look of the pretty clearly describes the professionalism and originality of the registered user site. .