Esperanza Aguirre

A. l / the people’s Party would increase from 67 seats to 72 or 74. The PSOE would fall from 42 seats to 33 or 36. It would raise a little UI and UPyD would come with 8 seats. The main keys of 22-M.

consultation on special election, 2011 elections in. The first polls at the close of polls predict a resounding victory of the Party of Esperanza Aguirre in the community of Madrid. The PP would raise of 67 seats to a fork between 72 and 74, according to a survey by Ipsos issued by Telemadrid regional chain. The unstoppable impetus of Aguirre would be at the expense of the PSOE which lost between six and nine seats (from 42 to 33-36). In addition UPyD would enter with force, 8 seats in the Chamber of the Assembly of Madrid.

For its part, IU would raise between one and three seats from its current 11 to twelve or fourteen. Participation data in the Comunidad de Madrid to the Assembly are 64,23%, almost 2 points less than in 2007. On the other hand, in the city of Madrid the popular would between 32 and 33 Councillors, 13-15 of the Socialists, 7-8 UI and UPyD, would come with 3-4 records. The regional Chamber will pass have 129 seats in the next legislature, so the absolute majority is fixed at 65 seats. On the other hand, in the city of Madrid the popular get between 32 and 33 Councillors, 13-15 of the Socialists, 7-8 IU and UPyD, would come with 3-4 records. At both institutions, apart from the triumph by an absolute majority of the PP, a descent of the Socialists, while IU would be retained or would slightly raise and UPyD irrumpiria as a fourth force would be recorded. IU celebrates the backup UI has welcomed with caution early polls, which predict a greater support in the elections, although he has admitted that, confirmed, this evening will celebrate this support and will be more eager to fight the policies of the PP which although endorsed by the polls, assault citizens. Source of the news: the first polls give Aguirre a resounding victory

Scientific Emigration

Recently, I heard the news report that China has adopted a government program to return to the country of young professionals and scientists. China, with its enormous reserves of human resources says this program one of the most priority. The Chinese rightly believe that the increase in the share of the economy "high-tech" technologies that will allow them to take the most advanced position in the global economy. This program was adopted by China is not the first time, performing previous (late 90s) helped make him a tremendous breakthrough, making China the second economy is essentially in the world. Now, apparently, is preparing a new Chinese economic breakthrough. In Russia there is no such programs, although us this problem is even more relevant than in China. I know that there is a State Duma deputy Eremeev, from the faction "United Russia", he, before becoming deputy head of the coordinating council of employers in Russia, and suggested adopt the "Irish" experience the return of emigrants.

ie repatriantskie open offices around the world and create all conditions for the return of all thinking Russians working in various fields of science and technology. But apparently, with the crisis and shortage of funds for such proposals have forgotten. Rich countries have successfully used foreign experts, organizing a "brain drain" from other countries. Ahead of the U.S. – by attracting Scientists around the world they know the world's best technologies. Of course, Russia does not have such financial means, as the U.S., but I think the Russian government understands the need for a policy of attracting young scientists from abroad and retain existing staff. A suggestion was made president of the transfer of the best students for free education. This is very good.

Investment in education, the best kind of investment. What next? They finish studies and best leave the country? Scientific body of Russia is very old, the bulk of scientists away for 50 years. Alfred Koch, a few years ago in an interview, said that in future Russia will be only those who know how to dig, and minded people leave the country. Lord ministers and deputies, that this does not happen, and to restore at least some of those who left, must urgently develop a program for the return of scientific staff and begin to implement it, enough of Russia be a raw materials appendage of the West. Yuri Chashin.