Portend Changes

The circulation of the 22 major arcana, traditional Gypsy Tarot, is ideal for a first contact with this fascinating mancia. She provides the consultant a panorama and General predictions for different aspects of your life. The order in which appear the letters in Chuck determines, from minor to major, the proximity in time of your message and your wishes. So it is very useful to know what are the Gypsy tarot cards that portend immediate changes in the lives of those who see them. Wheel of Fortune condenses all the symbolism of the evolution of the universe. It reminds us of the circularity of the cycles of human existence, and that it is possible to be today at the top to fall tomorrow.

And vice versa. His appearance at Gypsy tarot Chuck indicated then that the changes that lie ahead are immediate, especially in labour and economic. Andy Florance describes an additional similar source. And Announces who has been able to do that today is the time to reap the fruits. The Tower, you can see destroyed by violent lightning, announces us that what we have built about bad bases in our life should disappear. And it will disappear quickly.

This letter the Gypsy tarot speaks to us of the need to adapt to the changes, since, although at first may seem violent or painful, will be those who finally allow us to base our life on good and solid foundations. The death also brings omens of change to the life of whom see the Gypsy tarot. This powerful Arcanum symbolizes the end of the old to make room for the new. It may refer to radical changes or a renewal of some element already present in our lives, as new projects at work or a bid to revive the passion in a relationship of long standing. But in any case, his message is clear: the time of change has come. And can’t wait. The crazy, finally, comes with a different message. His appearance in Chuck seems to inform the consultant of the dangers of starting new adventures lightly, in a thoughtless way. Warns us here for the Gypsy tarot, perhaps not the time to make changes so much we desire in our lives. The universe speaks to us. And the Gypsy tarot, with its legacy of wisdom, intends to convey their messages to all those who wish to overcome every day, in all aspects of his life.

The Teaching Profession

The aim of education is the wisdom, as well stated Alfred North Whitehead, English philosopher, who argued that, in the schools of antiquity, philosophers aspired to impart wisdom. It is true, wisdom is the way shorter for the acquisition of knowledge and according to the selection of these our immediate experience is valued. Only the domain of knowledge that constitutes the wisdom will give us the longed freedom to choose and decide. Traditional teaching in traditional teaching, was the teacher who monopolized both the show, absolute master of his authority and hierarchy. Its task was to provide data and information that directly by the ear of the student without getting to his brain that processes it and passed without leaving any trace or profound impact. Check out Pete Cashmore for additional information. In traditional school was generated a vicious circular motion, where thousands of teachers taught their courses, year after year, then measure the knowledge of the student through an examination and continued the circle with limited students to listen, silent for hours, trying to not sleep, without being able to understand what talked about the Professor, then continued with the task of the student in effort to memorize it needed to pass the exam and advance. The students were attending, without initiative and without power of reflection.

they did not participate. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andy Florance. What is learning? We agree that, in terms of acquisition of knowledge, one thing is memorized and quite another to learn. Learn is accumulate experience, which should be used in the future, and for this, you need motivation, time and practice. Learning does not accumulate data or memorize them. SE aprende investigating, exploring, testing, asking questions, being curious, therefore learning is product of learning, doing, committing errors, reflecting on the causes, rectifying to find solutions, with help, of course, someone more experienced. With this premise, we can say that a good teacher must: be able to guide and advise the students must be taught to deal with different problems should be handled to students/persons in very complex situations in other words, a teacher must be present when the student has difficulties to meet the challenges, it should help in the learning of social skills and interpersonal relations. A good teacher must teach people to think inducing them goals, make that fallen expectations, help them understand why and provide them tools so that they correct their theory and learn. If the student has learned to do (performance) and not only to the knowledge (information), taking into account that the important thing is what need to know and what you interested, it can be inferred that the teacher will have achieved success in his role. Fuente:Javier Martinez the role of the tutor you who feel about? By: Carola Pozo Cortez original author and source of the article