HDPE Technical Application

Polyethylene Pipe – hdpe hdpe – Polyethylene pipe, made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Currently, hdpe pipe is located in the center of attention of managers of the construction industry, kotoyre increasingly opt polieetilenovoy pipe in comparison with a metal pipe. This is facilitated by the special characteristics of plastic pipe: high strength and elasticity at low weight, long (up to 50 years) service life. Thanks to these unique properties of the material properties of hdpe pipe, it can achieve significant savings in financial and human resources in carrying out construction works at construction of various pipeline systems: water supply, sewerage, irrigation systems and pipelines podvobnye. Application of polyethylene pipe, hdpe technology using polyethylene pipe (HDPE) can significantly reduce the accident rate, the danger of contamination of drinking water and, moreover, greatly simplifies installation and allows the use of trenchless technology. Increased attention to polyethylene pipe, hdpe, hdpe technical due to the fact that in recent years utilities mega-cities of different countries are increasingly focused on the use of perspective trenchless technology rehabilitation (rehabilitation) and the laying of water supply and drainage pipelines. In this vein, using polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, tube technology on Monday meet these challenges. We are talking about Technology gaskets, replacement, repair, and defect detection in pipes underground utilities for different purposes with minimal disturbance of the ground surface.

In the best foreign practice, is now 90% of the amount of work to replace and restoring sections of pipes in the underground communications made using trenchless technology. One of the most interesting applications of plastic pipes is the construction of underwater pipelines. Working with hdpe, the Unlike metal pipes, enables the full range of construction works carried out on the beach that is incomparably easier and cheaper construction. Next, the gradual sinking of the finished pipeline from polyethylene tubes fitted with ballast weights.

Special Plaster Graphite

The first time, decorative plaster grafito appeared in Europe for more than five years ago. Similar materials were used in the U.S. for over 25 years. So we can say that as the technology of production of decorative stone, who came to Europe from the U.S. and decorative trim on Technology grafito is of American origin. Today, decorative trim grafito confidently won the European market. Decorative plaster was grafito excellent alternative not only to natural stone, but also widespread artificial decorative facing stone, wood, clinker, classic paving slabs. One major advantage of decorative finishing technology graphite – is its versatility and ease of use.

When it is installing now you do not need to look for several types of stone or a book aged wood or polyurethane beams with texture tree. Due to the polyurethane forms with the texture of the best examples of natural stone, various textures of wood, bark or textures in Hi-Tech style, you can quickly, easily and economically get the option you need finishing in any combination of textures and that is not unimportant, just simply decorate fireplaces, columns, and any complex curved or round surface, which is either very laborious or impossible for natural decorative stone. Facing a natural stone, clinker, artificial decorative stone to perform complex, it takes longer and costs much more. This process is more costly due to the need for accurate preparation surface and the use of expensive adhesives. In addition, the required high level of professionalism wizard performs stacking, which takes for its services a considerable amount. For finishing decorative plaster grafito You forget about the existence of all these problems.

Firstly because of the fact that the surface finishing grafito does not require training. Secondly, because of the ease of application and there are no problems when working with angles, arches and other surfaces. And third, because of the possibility of the same material create different textures, or a combination of textures, staining them in any color. In this case, it is possible to change the color scheme already deposited in If you make a mistake when choosing colors. In the end, no matter what you do not have a home, you can quickly and inexpensively decorate it, or under a rock or under a tree. The facade, basement and interior. And also change the fence, sidewalk and garden paths. The building and the site will please view its refined appearance, and the walls will get extra protection from negative environmental influences. Decorative plaster grafito used for lining virtually all types of surfaces – wood, metal, brick, concrete, foam block, foam, osb (OSB, OSB) panels. We note one important point. House, decorated graphite stands and looks more at home at the same level, but trimmed with natural stone, by 15-20 percent. In this case, trimmed grafito surface does not require any maintenance. Without the hassle and worry your facade, fence, basement, fireplace will delight you with its aesthetic appeal than a dozen years. Best country houses require the appropriate design of the landscape. Do not rush to lay conventional paving tiles. Achieve full compliance with the style sidewalk, fence, waterfall overlooking your stone house. All these elements, as well as rocks, boulders, alpine slides as easily and affordably, you can create a decorative plaster using graphite.

Long Walkway Slabs

Now enjoys a huge demand pressing Pavement any kind of form, color, options, calculations. There are actually laying her big moment. You must meet a set of conditions, so that she lay down smooth and has remained as before for a long time. It is easy to achieve when uklast correctly, even on the drawing. You can see the city laid paving slabs, many are not as they should. Not meet the conditions to the same, not all the time Pavement is smooth styling. Find out the technology on which will certainly be confident in life without too much difficulty.

To begin to explore the foundation when it is not hard, in this case, the concrete ties and is good if the iron mesh underlay. Sap to vyklast paving slab to 12 cm, depending on the soil. Do not forget to perform the slope so that water flowed and collected. The rain does not work, wait for the dried earth or to carry out work hiding. It must be remembered that when they can carry split is considered normal when 5%.

One m2 out different amounts, the price is usually from 230 rubley.Esli laid on diagonal then overrun of 5-10% and as much useful in case. The advantages of paving slabs is low price, because the materials are easily produced and to make its local producers. Can save money when you make an order for the calculation manufacturers will guarantee to always flat surface. Manufacturing is not a complicated process as it seems, know a couple of options, choose the one you like. Many believe ways, using shapes and colors. In this case, is the ideal base paths. Many people choose it because paving tiles: modern material has become available not long ago. This technology abroad applied even to build a house.