Through these practical it is possible also to reduce the ecosystem pollution, to improve the administration of the hall and to get image better in market. The justification for this study is in the fact of that the adhesion practical the ambiently correct ones has been carried through for companies who not only want to be in compliance with the ambient legislation, but also to develop measured that they diminish the impact on the environment guaranteeing a good ambient marketing. The strategies are diverse, in which if it can opt to the adequate discarding of packings and the reduction of residues, what it can cause little financial expense and improvement of the processes of organizaoCom the growth of the ambient concern, the people do not want to work in considered organizations as polluting of the environment. To have and compromised interested, dedicated employees also depends on positive an institucional image. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mashable. (Donaire and North, 1999) 2.

Bibliogrfica2.1 reference Hall of beauty ecolgicoOs beauty halls had appeared in old Greece. But, in accordance with Esteticderm (1998), was alone in century XX that the hair had entered into an alliance it technology. The scientific research started when the personal hygiene if became a way to prevent the accumulation of lices and dirt, that were hidden under wigs, after-perfumes and potions that came being used for the man. (Not to be confused with!). According to Bellaguarda and Braga (2006), the beauty halls, are great generators of job and for the diversity of characteristics that they possess, they represent a service segment that can be presented more differentiated, reaching different niches of market. Perhaps the biggest challenge of the beauty halls is to discover as to carry through the ecological responsibility, and to continue making this, without losing the quality of the services. The lack of separation of the garbage, the expense of water and energy are the greaters and more visible problems of the halls. .