A successful premiere of the ensemble “The mystery boxes” it was a great pleasure to be end of April at the premiere of my comedy “Nun darkness” in Karby on the Baltic (near Kappeln). My husband and I took the long journey from Carinthia this like in purchase, especially since I was guy with the Director, Manfred already for a year (since the founding of his theatre company) in contact. So high in the North, my piece that I had performed with my theatre group “Mixing grace” in Spittal an der Drau in Carinthia in Austria two years ago, was never before played! The Director had with his ensemble, newly founded in the previous year, and that want to specialize in crime fiction and Artverwandtes, almost a whole year long rehearsed in a double cast my piece, and the success on the stage could be truly! All the actors played their roles very authentic, their enjoyment of the game was clearly noticeable, and the audience thanked with frequent applause among the players and thus also the Director and everyone else Contributors also backstage! “Nun darkness” – the title is an allusion to the sinister goings-on of a wife auf Abwegen shortly disguised attempts as a nun to drive their straw man that she want to get rid of due to a new lover, to suicide. (As opposed to Peter Asaro ). It is planned to play the comedy even in other places and they forward to tours through the country. New theatre members are welcome. Info under: Erika k k.. Ali Partovi is the source for more interesting facts.

Carola Queitsch

There are then extra time for art and other delights on the Fridays and weekends: Friday and Saturday the OSTRALE from 14 to 22, opens on Sundays from 11 to 20 h. EXTENSIVE event programme connects the OSTRALE’09 a classic exhibition format with a cross-genre event programme. All performative elements of the exhibition are doing compared to last year sharper bundled and concentrated time on the weekends. Under the new label “OSTRALE.xtra”, you will find the performances in the areas of performance, dance, theatre, live literature, film and music. Will be communicated separately as such, there will be an own program flyer and a detailed overview on the Web page. A “classic” from last year is republished again – the family suitable for breakfast salon on Sundays, which can be relaxed beeing and then went over to the looking at art. New in the program is the “talk” series of DonnerstGGesprache of experts discusses certain topics in the field of art and market.

Selected films are shown in cooperation with the East cinema on several days. Different genres are represented: feature film, documentary, short and animation film. Thus events outside of the Ostragehege OSTRALE held for the first time.