The demand for security devices and systems increases every day. It does not matter if the economy is in recession because security will always be a priority. In fact, many companies and people prefer to sacrifice other things but not the security. Protection can not be neglected, whereas the dangers to which persons, properties, goods and facilities are exposed. After several terrorist attacks, security, several Nations of the world, has been increased and for this reason, traditional surveillance systems have been displaced by other more modern or strengthened with the help of additional elements. In general, these more modern systems are biometric devices. Biometric systems can be the best alternative, in the creation of an access control.

In this way, many companies dedicated to security, suggest the implementation of a system of access control, based on facial recognition. A system of this type is frequently used to control access to resources or facilities and features with a technological design that captures details of people’s faces. These details are then stored in a database on a computer. Every time an individual return, software carries out a process of comparison between new patterns and stored, the result of this comparison will determine if he is allowed or not that individual entering a place in particular. Through a very simple process, readers of facial features establishes a system of efficient safety, for the protection of facilities. This makes it possible to use these mechanisms in control of access, in which the doors are automated so that they only open to people who have been registered in the database. Facial biometrics offers many advantages in comparison with other biometric systems. For example, fingerprint scanning systems might be affected by things like dust, moisture or fingers in poor condition.

In fact, there are people who do not have fingerprints, due to accidents or diseases. In a modern, facial recognition system, not It is necessary to make contact with any reader, because used cameras that photograph the face of users, to compare this photo with the information stored in the system memory. Biometric systems, face recognition, are not only ideal in an access control to installations, but also to control access to private information or computer networks. In this way, such systems are one of the best options on the market.