The man is capable of spiritual acts (think, know, want, etc.), but they need the body. The spirit is, therefore, immaterial substance, and this because as says St. Augustine, by the conscience of the conscience; the animals know, but do not know that they know; reflecting on itself, consciousness is known as principle distinct from the body. Be aware therefore know that this is different from the body. It is also, as the spirit is immaterial, incorruptible. Also, spiritual activity cannot be identified with the rational activity: the reason it is essential, but it is more than her, because she is not exhausted by their logical or discursive processes. Thus, there is no love without a rational knowledge even if it is minimal, but the love is more than knowledge, it is the experience of the other in its integrality, i.e.

also as existence. The rational discursivity exists by intellectual intuition and is less than this; in this sense, is not the soul, which is immortal, but the spirit which is fundamental intuition of being. If death exists for the consciousness, the question is, if it dies. The instant of death is timeless, no historic future and requires therefore a future extratemporal, the only one who can act the spirit in its fullness. Every human act is revealing of the involvement of men in the infinity of the being who is the light of the spirit, and whose ontological requirements are the reason of his immortality; Why say that the spirit is fatal is somewhat contradictory. Immortality is a desire for survival more beyond the time, how to continue in the children, in his works and in the species. But, as the man by his spirit is not perishable, but deadly, a problem philosophical death, distinct from the empirical fact check the end of the body. In addition, the spirit by identifying the rational soul, the idea of immortality is compromised, because the soul is still a natural or cosmic, force while the spirit exceeds these limits, and why it is said that the man has an existence his staff, irreducible to their species.

In animals, each Member is an individual, but all are identical, on the other hand, in a human family no individual is identical to another, because he is the same, an unique individual that we want to know. Man is a being with a character, an irreducible singular spirit, an unyielding person. He human ill, can wish for death, i.e., get rid of the body, but does not want to completely annihilate.