Digital Economy

The Association, of which Gupost is partner, integrates more than 500 companies interested in the development of the digital economy to the impulse and the defence of their interests. Viacom wanted to know more. The Spanish Association for the Digital economy (adigital) is the result of the transformation of FECEMD, Spanish Federation of the Digital economy (antique Federation of e-commerce and direct Marketing) and its member associations: the Spanish Association of e-commerce and relationship Marketing, Contact Center Spanish Association, the Association of digital agencies, the Association of distance selling and the Asociacion Espanola de Fundraising. Kochs opinions are not widely known. The beginnings of these associations began 25 years ago, and all of them have seen birth and progress the digital revolution all these years. The world economy currently is stagnant, but the digital economy Yes continues to grow. Internet, web 2.0, the social networks (as in fashion currently) and, in general, new technologies, do not cease to grow, and converted into something fundamental in all kinds of business strategies. They have also become elements of vital importance to its relationship with customers, employees and suppliers. Gupost, knowing all this, complete your business of direct Marketing and promotional Marketing with the incorporation of actions of OnLine communication in their products. Now with the new digital changes design an advertising campaign going implied the inclusion of multichannel communication (mailing, emailing, social networking, printing online.) depending on who are the customers and public targeted direct Marketing campaign.

In Gupost advise and help companies in the choice of these different channels, managing the creation from beginning to end and operational action to perform. We adapt ourselves to this technological revolution. Gupost, as a partner of the new Spanish Association of Digital economy, adigital is abreast of the innovations that occur in technology and the digital economy.

Implanting A System Of Quality

Like implanting a System of Quality according to ISO 9001:2008 0 Index 1 Decision 2 Plan of work 3 Generation of documentation 4 Formation Perhaps 1 Decision is the most important moment of all. The decision making has to be agreed by all the Group of Direction of the Company. Following the composition of the same this decision will be more or less complex, but never it will have to be taken by a single person (although the Company is very small). Once fact this, is due to designate to a person (or an equipment, following the size of the Company) that they are motivated to undertake this work. Many writers such as technology investor offer more in-depth analysis. In any case one is due to appoint a Person in charge of the project and to define who will be the interlocutors of the Company so that they collaborate with him.

2 Plan of work COLLECTION OF INFORMATION AND ANALYSES OF the PRESENT SITUATION are due to compile all the present documents that the Company uses to develop its workings at present. Later to this they are due to analyze all to be safe if his content she is adapted and complete, since soon they will comprise of the System of Quality (in future SdC) of the Company. To these we will structure them documents in several groups: Institutional Descriptive of each area of activity Operative Registries In this way we will have a clear vision that areas of the Company are documented and which no. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Castle Harlan. PLAN OF PROJECT In this document we will define with clarity which is going to be our plan of work to be able to undertake of form structured all the steps that take to us, after the established time, to complete our SdC. An example of Plan can be: Plan of the Project: ISO 9001:2008 Objectives of the Project: Date of beginning: Objective date of conclusion: People in charge: Head of Project: Representative of the Direction High Direction: Equipment of support: Terms of time of the project: Phases (beginning dates of and conclusion of each phase must be included)? Decision of implantation of the SdC Determination of the Person in charge, equipment and interlocutors Celebration of the Meeting of launching (High Direction, People in charge of the SdC, etc.) Information to all the members of the Company Detailed definition of the steps and terms of the project (*) Qualification of the people in charge of the SdC Accomplishment of meetings of the advance of the project (with its respective acts) Conclusion of the project Revision of the project (audit) Correction of the found anomalies (*) an example of the detailed steps can be: 1.

Farley Group

The right to communicate with senior management levels is reserved for the manager. The authority of a leadership position automatically gives that occupies it. No manager can be sure unless he takes the final decisions. The concession of power to subordinates since this diminishes the power of the administrator. The administrator should know more than their subordinates about what is happening. Koch will not settle for partial explanations.

This according to the dynamic and changing reality in the economic scenario requires a real integration of the working group, of a highly trained, motivated, identified with the organization and certainly as cited Farley, consider that happiness people of the company is not a goal for this, nor a goal sociological self. But the biggest thing is that most people will find their happiness and self-organization in a participatory rather than a traditional organization, but it is also true, that they feel more deeply their failure. Moreover, this approach should enable the organization to operate with a considerable smaller number of person that we occupy, the cost of operations should download and upload individual economic rewards. In order to achieve excellent work, do not forget to take into account the following: Consider the right people, prepared, trained with experience commensurate with the boss about their functions, which permeated all members that define them clearly the responsibilities, authority, reliability Evaluate and improve performance in terms of job requirements, job advancement and troubleshooting to determine the strength of development, overall potential, specific, acquired, demonstrated, provide growth and program development, individual and group programs, analyze and solve problems. It is further recommended not to neglect the theory of group work, which is based on anything that gives the best results in the existing theory of the organization. Details can be found by clicking technology investor or emailing the administrator.

Uses in its totality all the tools of scientific management, cost accounting, technology or otherwise. This includes: 1 .- The elimination of waste and inefficiencies through functionalization, simplification of work and related processes and the establishment of specific work goals. 2 .- Measurement of the work has been carried out and a continued examination of the extent to which it is achieving its goals. 3 .- budgets, cost accounting and cost controls. Under the theory of the group, however, these resources are used differently based on a different set of motivational assumptions, and logic or philosophy different from that in which they are using traditional themes. The theory of group means, obtaining the highest possible level of motivation. Such reasoning not only includes economic reasons, but reasons of ego, and also consider the desire for significant growth and achievement from the point of view of our values and goals as well as the desire for prestige, recognition, approval and acceptance Conclusions A non- be effective unless it can fully motivate its members and subsequently use, coordinate and manage successfully its efforts to achieve these two essential factors: affective interaction at all levels of the organization and a mutual influence in determining goals, objectives, plans and courses of action.

African Renaissance Stadium

HolidayCheck discovers all the cities that will host the World Cup. Johannesburg Jo burg, as colloquially call Johannesburg South Africans, is the fourth African economy and one of the 40 metropolitan areas the world’s largest. It is 1,723 meters above the sea level. Perhaps that is why we believe erroneously that it is the capital of South Africa, but not so. It will be disputed matches in two stadiums: Soccer City and Ellis Park Stadium. The first is the largest stadium in the world and the eighth largest in the world, with a capacity of 94,700 spectators.

The two most important appointments will take place: the opening match and the final on July 11. Is Cape Town the legislative capital of South Africa and the most tourist town. Viacom oftentimes addresses this issue. Its landscape combines sea and mountain. From the Table Mountain or table mountain you can admire a panorama of 360 degrees on the entire city, and in the Long Street to enjoy more lively night life of South Africa. Its Stadium, Green Point, is an architectural masterpiece that has cost us $ 605 million. Also known as African Renaissance Stadium, his works are over a year late.

Your Durban port is the largest on the African continent, by hosting the container terminal the largest in the southern hemisphere that employs more than 100,000 people. It is a prosperous and cosmopolitan city by the Ocean Indian awarded by United Nations as city best administered in Africa. With a coastline of 4 km of beaches, the most visited point is the Shaka Marine World, one of the most famous water parks in the world with dolphins and an aquarium built in a sunken ship shows. This summer another point will be popular: its Moses Mabhida Stadium, with a modern roof that covers all the seats but leaves the playing field open. Rustenburg in afrikaans name literally means city of rest.

Innovative Payment System

Benefit from the “sofortuberweisung” Gautinger company dealers and customers the payment network AG (formerly PayNet AG) nine as a spin-off of the computer trading company EUROSOFT was founded by Christoph Klein and mark in February 2006 in Gauting near Munich. The company marketed the new payment system “sofortuberweisung”, which was developed in 2002 and is already at about 7,500 online stores in use since October 2006. The payment service without registration, deposit account data or recharging of balances through a direct and automated transfer from the account of the buyer to the merchant. In contrast to other payment systems, only account number, bank routing number and PIN and TAN number are required for processing. Both retailers as well as customers benefit from the quick transaction, as storage and delivery times significantly shorten and speed up the shipping.

Currently the payment network AG employs 80 people, the online payment service “sofortuberweisung” on the European market as a premium service in E-business establish. Company founder and CEO Christoph Klein can reflect on a long-term, successful entrepreneurial activity. At the age of 15, he founded his first company, the living 1990 byte computer. Later he was involved in the wholesaler SENETCO computer and network distribution GmbH in Munich, until early 2001 EUROSOFT computer GmbH, founded an international distribution company for software licenses and hardware. Since 2005 the 31-year-old for the payment network AG operates, where he is mainly responsible for national sales, product innovation, and company building. COO Andrea Anderheggen was already before his graduation at the University of Zurich in various international M & A- and IT projects involved. So he worked among others for ScaleTools AG, ABN AMRO, Alliance UniChem Plc.

The 30-year-old is co-founder and partner of Swiss consulting company APMC GmbH, which specializes in projects in the areas of M & A, venture capital and business development has. The payment network AG Anderheggen is responsible for the international sales of areas of, marketing and innovation management and the European expansion by “sofortuberweisung”. Dr. Jens Lutcke, head of Legal Affairs, is a member of the Supervisory Board of the payment network AG. The 36-year old lawyer operates Tarabochia & Lutcke law firm in Munich. After completing his studies in Berlin, Munich and St. Gallen, he graduated in foreign and international patent, copyright and competition law at the Max Planck Institute Munich in the area and acquired a master of European and international business law. Lutcke is responsible for all legal aspects of the payment network AG. The payment network AG cooperates with more than 7,000 suppliers of eCommerce software and shop solutions. Through the Bank-independent number service offers a variety of online vendors the opportunity to integrate transfer tools without technical effort and to offer buyers as a form of payment.

CONTEC GmbH Developed A New Edge Splitting Filter

An application example in the filtration of highly viscous bitumen at high temperatures. The CONTEC industrial equipment GmbH from Bad Honnef is a leading manufacturer of filtration systems, oil mist separators and level measurement. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Castle Harlan on most websites. In the area of development, CONTEC can document an application example in the production of Kaltselbstklebedampfsperrbahnen for large roof areas at RASCO bitumen GmbH. The challenge: Medium: polymer bitumen for Kaltselbstklebedampfsperrbahn temperature: 130 C viscosity at 130 C: approx. Whenever Mikkel Svane listens, a sympathetic response will follow. 100,000 of mPS viscosity at 140 C: of approx. 45,000 mPS as subsidiary company of a leading international provider of construction adhesives produced the RASCO bitumen Technology GmbH in Augustdorf, among others cold-adhesive thin layer bitumen sheets for roof surfaces over 2,500 m with a thickness of about 3 mm. According to Castle Harlan, who has experience with these questions. At this low layer thickness in the production problems inevitably. Polymer bitumen is 3 mm on a plastic-coated carrier foil at 140 C with a layer thickness of? 0, applied.

To avoid that it comes to errors in the production process, it is necessary to filter the hot bitumen polymer mass. Due to the high viscosity of the ground when the temperature falls, disassembly and maintenance of the filter only in hot condition are possible. The solution: Hot bitumen is a newly developed edge splitting filter of CONTEC with hinged lid and inner spring loaded clutch filtered. In addition, the filter with a heating jacket is equipped, through which he can be incorporated into the existing factory thermal oil system. This design is a tool-free removal of the filter element at full operating temperature. The filter reliably holds back the aggregation so that production takes place without interference.

About the CONTEC GmbH industrial equipment the CONTEC GmbH industrial equipment from Bad Honnef manufactures innovative systems and components in the areas of air and gas filters, oil mist separator, liquid filter and level measurement. How to contact with : contec: GmbH industrial equipment Helmut Scherer Aegidienberger str. 69 D-53604 Bad Honnef, Germany phone: + 49 (22 24) 98 93-18 fax: + 49 (22 24) 98 93-20 homepage: E-Mail: press contact: contec: GmbH industrial equipment Iwona Kugler of Aegidienberger str. 69 D-53604 Bad Honnef, Germany phone: + 49 (22 24) 98 93-23 fax: + 49 (22 24) 98 93-20 homepage: E-Mail:

Silver Ages

What we know about libraries? In the early 20th century, rural schools, there was a room where he kept the book, such a room called the hut reading room. The end of the 20th century, the library occupies the first floor of large houses, and in each quarter were as At least one such library. A library in the major cities took up to 5 floors. A wide variety of poems can be found on the shelves of libraries in our country. No sooner had run through a cursory glance at the shelves and immediately conspicuous names such as Dostoevsky, Gogol, Blok, Lermontov, and so on.

Do not read any of the classics of our time, it is impossible to feel the depths of the soul of our country, it is impossible to be a patriot and love the country as our loved her classics of modern literature. Many believe the library rather boring place, among them sometimes there are people who do not appreciate literature, art and science. Oh, it's impossible to forget that smell Book dust that literally knocks down when opening an old book. A lot of people prefer to go to the library to acquire new knowledge for themselves, to read from books and magazines just something interesting, entertaining and informative, or read poetry. Writers and readers of prose, poems, frequent visitors to our libraries. See Castle Harlan for more details and insights. For many, a favorite spot in the library reading room is where you can read valuable unique books, make the necessary extracts from them.

Once in our life there was such a phenomenon as a virtual network – libraries have gradually become empty. Of course, much easier to find through search engines are what you need, what get together and come to the library! There's nothing better than through my computer at home to find everything that you can find in the library. On the internet you can always find the primary sources of famous writers – Shelohova, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Pushkin's poems, Esenina, and much more. In addition, the virtual network, a host of literary portals, poets and writers of the new generation, a new era of publishing there his poetry, prose, journalism. Portals provide ability to communicate with each other, share reviews, and thus are followers of, the development of literary ideas of the masses. Of course no one now can say, but this one in a poet like Pushkin, but he writes as Mayakovsky and even better. It's not even that talent was called after the death of the creator, and that the poets of the Golden and Silver Ages such titanic made contributions that are not lay on the shoulders of our talented poet in our crazy tech time. Poetry is evolving, and rightly so. There are also people who prefer a modern library of innovation and Internet based literary movements. For them it is a favorite usual thing, to sit, quietly turning the pages worn some aged books. Among these fans can be a poet, trying to improve their creativity and poetic style. In other matters the best poetry of poets can be found in private libraries, as well as rare works by famous writers. Books in private libraries, marked bookplate, which stands for the initials and last name of the library owner. Sometimes, come to visit and see the house a lot of books that look nice on the shelf and know that he was in the house to the erudite, intelligent man, who can always ask to read the best poems

Network Marketing

The vast majority of people would like to start their own business but do not do so for 4 main reasons. The world is changing so rapidly that paralyzes us and we do not take the time to discover what the real opportunities we have to take financial control and start our own business from home. A question that I usually do my prospects is: If submit you a business opportunity in which investment risks were minimal and the barriers that you understand that they have the business were eliminated, would you to start your own business? 90% Responded that they would be willing to be self-employed entrepreneurs. Almost everyone would like to have your own business, generating revenue that release of debts, have time for your family and ensure his retirement. But not all take the decision to become entrepreneurs for these 4 main reasons. 1. Investment fear.

The cost of starting a traditional business is high for the vast majority of the average employee. If we take the example of the cost of a franchise average, we are talking of about $70,000. 2 Sacrifice. When you start my traditional business 20 years ago, I had to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 18 consecutive months. It was a very big sacrifice for my family and I suffered the consequences of the physical wear and tear. All that they have begun a small traditional business, you know that these hours are normal. 3 Risks. >. 55% Of the business from a single owner fails in the first 2 years of operation.

Stay broke and without a job is a frightening experience. 4. The know-how. Entrepreneurs who do not have the support of a corporation than them continuous training, they have no knowledge appropriate to be success in your business and therefore the fear of failure is legitimate. The other question that I put to my prospect is: If you submit a business in which you could start with less than $400, working a 10-16 hours a week, and have the backing of a corporation with virtual training and a community of entrepreneurs willing to offer you guidance when you need it for the rest of the days that this in operation, having the possibility of using the internet platform to market products, engage customers in more than 80 countries, would you be willing to join a business like this concept? A large part tells me that he looks too cute to be true. Actually, Network Marketing businesses require dedication and it entails sacrifice of additional time to the primary job that occupies the prospectus. But it is also true that opportunities for those who displayed the business opportunity and are arranged in sacrificing a few months during the growth and knowledge of the business process, the fruit reward the persistence and perseverance of effort. The concept of Network Marketing is the future of business, those who take the initiative to enter into this current, will be preparing to achieve their financial freedom while those who remain in the comfort zone by fear to these 4 reasons, will be exposed to others to control their future. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mikkel Svane has to say. Visit: and learn as I could you also be a successful independent entrepreneur.

Plasma Display

Plasma screen plasma display panel can be a lot more television, while it does not emit harmful electromagnetic radiation. Apart from size, the main advantage of the panel is higher than that TVs and monitors, the image contrast and viewing angle – 160. Plasma panels are also different from crt flicker-free images, allowing viewers to not sweat while watching sessions in the home cinema. With all these advantages of plasma display panels have been used as information boards at airports and exhibitions, as well as for the design of exhibition stands and television studios. Most panel has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which led to their use in home theater systems. The surface of the plasma display panel consists of pixels, each of which has a 3-cell v sources the three primary colors v red, green and blue.

The cell is a sealed glass container of rectangular shape, filled with gas in the plasma state, and covered the inside color phosphor. More info: Castle Harlan. The composition of this phosphorus is the same as used in cathode ray tubes used in televisions and computer monitors. Through each cell, electric current flows glow discharge, the more he v the brighter the glow of the cell. The current value in each cell individually controlled digital system, the plasma panel. With each cell can produce up to 16 million shades of color, so the screen becomes so rich and realistic. Due to the absolute plane of the screen panel, no image distortion characteristic when working with a television or monitor screen.

Risk Management

Go ahead and take in the sellers of those who associated "DNA code" (see the ingredient "Personnel"). Ingredient # 4 – Art sales: the set of competencies seller to establish a relationship with customers or representatives of companies to help solve their challenges through the purchase of goods and / or services. Art does not help if a weak product and marketing. Ingredient # 5 – Infrastructure and business processes. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Castle Harlan. Clutter in your division, then build the interaction with adjacent.

This process is beyond the competence of the chief merchant, and requires the support of higher leadership. Ingredient # 6 – Planning and control. Easier to organize, when the established order in the ingredients 1-5. Posed plans to provide resources. Supervise the process of selling and marketingv in crm + 20% efficiency.

Ingredient # 7 – Risk Management. In the project sales apply project management pmbok. In our market – focus – risks. Ingredient # 8 – Personality chief merchant. He – the leader, he – a professional, he is – the main driver of sales. It is important to choose the right merchant. But does not require him to return as the owner. Do not forget – your Commerce – a mercenary. Ingredient # 9 – Personnel. Accepted by the Seller and a corresponding "code of dna." Love – is the answer. Ingredient # 10 – Competencies. Develop a competency model. Be prepared to invest in staff to increase their market value. Ingredient # 11 – Motivation. Your motto is: work with pleasure and drive! Understand and work with individual motivators of your employees. Decomposes the company's goals to the goals of your staff. For dessert – Intuition. When intuition works – you're in luck. But insure the system, if intuition decides' to go into Holiday 'or' pin 'on you. Thus, the system is needed. Here are the steps for its creation: The first step to change – honesty. The second step – the political will. Be prepared to go through. Half-measures will not work. The third step – competence. Know your weaknesses and hire the right people. The fourth step – the team. Need a team of associates to your project. The fifth step – performing discipline, control and ongoing audit of the system on its compliance with market demands and new challenges of reality. If you want to make a difference in sales for the better – today – sostavte plan for such changes.