Dominican Republic

All statements of principle issued in road safety conference, demanding the integration of society in general in the work to reduce casualties on the roads and streets. When one speaks of society refers to the organized social sectors to prevent both accidents and deaths and injuries caused by them. The Catholic Church affirms its commitment to the issue from the Holy See through the Guidelines for the Pastoral of the Road / Street. From there, it instructs agencies to promote road safety nationally, regionally and globally. However, not displayed any concern at the level of the Dominican Republic.

This is because we consider a serious problem for Dominican families and the national economy, the large number of fatal victims of road traffic product. We also believe that the Catholic pastoral in our country, are a platform for the discussion on road safety by hosting the heartfelt reflection of the Vatican. Sports Clubs, neighborhood committees, transport unions, professional engineering, law, physicians in various specialties, including orthopedics, psychology, psychiatry, cardiology, orthopedic and other, members of the press, the media, nonprofit associations and private companies. All major parties to be involved in the problem motivated by efforts of the State and its various bodies. Political parties are important, not only because they strengthen the democratic and participatory society as a whole, but because they promote debates and initiatives at other levels of government, as is the legislature. Good practice in public policy evidenced in the successful countries in this regard, confirms the involvement of all these actors.