Installing New Heating Systems

Lessee must tolerate modernisation as long as the rent every month is paid on time and the apartment has no defects, is usually not a good ratio between tenants and landlords. This can change, however, if the landlord decides to carry out modernization measures. The real estate portal informs about a corresponding legal dispute. If landlords are planning a modernization of heating, they need to timely announce this undertaking, as well as the measures to their tenants. In a dispute with regard to the installation of a modern central heating system, which the concerned tenant wanted to not tolerate, ruled the District Court of Frankfurt am Main in favour of the lessor. The landlord had announced that the old night storage heaters, who were in the House since the 1970s in operation, should be replaced by a central heating. The tenant did not agree with this project and refused to agree to the modernization measure.

The Court justified its ruling, that it in the project of the lessor a predictive and economical measure handle, which serve the reduction of heating energy consumption, as well as the lowering of heating costs. Furthermore, the energy saving regulation already foresees a conversion of old heating systems within certain time limits. The tenants have the modernization measure therefore to tolerate, even if possible higher costs on him could come to. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann