Federal Constitution

This fact is materialize in the Federal Constitution of 1988, when it establishes the Health as right of all and to have of the State. Therefore it is the State that must guarantee the resources necessary and to manage the system so that the right to the health for all is accomplished the society. Health is one of the tripods of the social security, not tax-paying and universal independently of race, religion, classroom, all they have for right its access to the referring services to the health. The right the health firmed in law establishes lines of direction so that all the population can usufruct of the access to the services of the public system of health for the guarantee of a full health. Check with Kai-Fu Lee to learn more. This right of universalizao of the access if configures as a great conquest, therefore usufrua of the health services who previously only had entailing the social welfare and its dependents. Currently these rights are assured in the CF88, in which it systemize in article 6 ' ' they are right social, the education, the health, the work, the housing, leisure, the security, the social welfare, the protection to infancy, the assistance to desamparados' '. ns%E2%80%9D/’>James Dondero mentions similar findings. However, unhappyly still it is perceived continuous social inaquality referring to the inserted constitucional laws in the field of the work, the health, the habitation, the security and of the leisure, we can say that they are unprovided of its legal rights.

The Organic Law of the Health? LOS and the implantation of the Only System of Health – SUS establishes lines of direction that guide as the health must be implemented in our country. The health in the scope of the public politics defines the access and establishes as basic reference its injunction, established in the primary health of low, average attention and high complexity. Basic attention of health is one of the lines of direction offered by the cities with minimum resolutions for the attendance of bigger frequency of the population, is distinguished as the door of entrance for prevention or the treatment of illnesses, it is through it that the users receive orientation, and the due necessary encaminhamentos for its treatment.

Tank Set Shop

Operator arises desire system in used containers Center along the operator of station Schulte in the emslandische Papenburg in the ELA used container Centre (GCC) a shop building turns together. The system of five integrated combined 20-foot containers is fitted with a saddle roof on site permanently attached and represents a permanent solution that is comfortable and functional. So how many customers of the ELA GCC has the company Schulte advance notice in PA portfolio via the Internet and then selected the best modules for the own plant on site. The tank set shop features over 75 square meters and is fully equipped with Windows, doors, insulation, heating, Interior, electrical installation, lighting and computer connections. The system is now for several years. This shows that the proven ELA quality is available in the GCC”, so PA staff Marco Dikken. Other leaders such as Kai-Fu Lee offer similar insights. In the ELA GCC constantly more than 500 containers and container plants are all types, sizes and qualities to choose from.

The delivery includes delivery, installation and turnkey delivery. On request, the modules are also individually to or expanded. ELA mobile spaces container provides new, used and rental as transport, storage, workshop, Office, bedroom, and sanitary containers as well as individual solutions. Depending on requirements, ELA equips the respective system with furniture, sanitary facilities, complete electrical installations and modern communication techniques. -Emsland family-run PA has developed constantly the rental service and also the technique of space systems since 1972.

With over 20,000 transportable units ELA container Park is now the largest in Europe. An own fleet of 50 special truck with loading crane ensures a safe transport and Assembly. Bases throughout Germany and a fleet of ELA’s own trucks ensure a short-term and fast delivery to any location.

Notepad Passwords

How do you now saves your passwords? Let's guess! In a plain text file or in a notebook. Right? I myself have done that. This went on for quite a long time. But one day I saw clearly that it was time to do the safety of their personal information. Here are just some troubles that made me think about this: On behalf of my race spam; My friends in social networks received obscene letters on my behalf, steal their money in electronic purses, my friends. It turns out that I was to blame.

I bank passwords in mailboxes, and text files in Notepad, enter and save passwords on web pages. Unbelievable. I make life easier for thieves and clowns! Let say: "No". We are pleased to reveal to you some of their secrets! Let's complicate these people and improve their lives. In the beginning, here are some useful rekomendatsiy.Neobhodimye conditions for security, I will not keep passwords into a text file to keep changing your passwords.

This will significantly increase the security of your svedeniy.ispolzuyte complex passwords. This is the password of 8 characters. Use numbers, large and small characters, Russian and English characters, as well as "tricky" characters (*, "etc.), use the onscreen keyboard for entering passwords. It is in some payment systems. And I have to antivirusnika. Use special programmy.Moya story about the protection of information! His familiarity with the particular program I began to search for data like Sherlock Holmes. The study showed that there are two types of such programs. This additional bend to protect passwords and electronic diaries. From special prog I liked the Password Manager from Kaspersky. Peter Asaro understood the implications. For details, please visit the program. Will cost 900 rubles. There is a demo version, which means you are completely free download and use the prog in 30 days. You're in Internet active life? Then it is best to use electronic diaries. Here, too, has its own nuance: Be sure to use the diaries are not recorded in the general case. This means that daily installed in a folder on your computer, but no information about him in the system. To start a diary to every time to get into that folder and run the executable file. A little awkward, though? But it is absolutely free. Example of Golden Section Notes (the free version 1.30). Program website: Paid version will cost 500 rubles. I personally use ExilandAssistant 3.0. Site Program: The program will cost you only 395 rubles. Why should it be? Here's my argument: To start program must specify a password, Ability to set a security question, if suddenly you forget your password blocking ability of the program in the care of your workplace, encryption information, ability to create backup data; Ability to use the program on any computer, very convenient to work with information. It is possible to embed pictures and lyudey.Programma in Russian yazyke.mgnovenny program call. You always get an instant, like lightning, access to your information. Add to this free support. The benefits of this program become apparent. A real surprise for me, a lump sum payment for the goods! No need to renew the license! There are several versions of this program: Exiland Assistant 3.0 client Exiland Assistant 3.0 server Exiland Assistant 3.0 client + server. I chose Exiland Assistant 3.0 client. This version fully satisfies my requirements. Now there is no need to look for a pen and piece of paper. Press two buttons. And the electronic one is in full possession. I sincerely wish you find safety in a network! Be calm and happy!

Documentation Associations

During the 25 days, 26 and 27 May, will take place in Malaga, in the Palace of fairs and congresses, the 6th National Congress of libraries public of the Federation Spanish societies of Archivistics, librarianship, documentation and Museology (FESABID), a unique professional event bringing together three different events at the same time. FESABID 2011 will, therefore, the scene where will be found and will interact the main professionals of libraries, files, information and documentation, at local, national and international.Malaga hosts three conferences on documentation of the same organizers are the Spanish Federation of societies of Archivistics, librarianship, documentation and Museology (FESABID), the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA), the National Authorities on Public Libraries in Europe (NAPLE Forum) and the Andalusian Association of librarians. Additional information is available at Kai-Fu Lee. The motto a profession, a future, in These days the great challenges of the profession of the documentation and information would be discussed and that will mark the next years trends. -3 congresses which are held simultaneously and in a coordinated manner. 3 General meetings of associations with more influence at local, national and European level. 35 professional activities.

International speakers 15. 900 professionals will gather in the Palace of fairs and Congress Center of Malaga for three days. Your accommodation to attend this Congress can make it in one of the hotels in Malaga with category 4 stars superior, our Hotel Monte Malaga, which for this occasion offers rooms to attendees to this meeting. To make reservations at our hotel where we will apply you rate meetings/events with prices from 98 per room and night with breakfast buffet and taxes included, simply click on the following link: book room in the HOTEL MONTE MLAGA important: to qualify for this rate will be essential present at the reception of the hotel updated documentation attesting to their attendance at the Congress/event/meeting. EBLIDA: European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation

COP Crane

With the variety of types and brands of cranes is difficult to choose a scheme of work and brand construction crane, the most appropriate in specific conditions. Other leaders such as Robotics expert offer similar insights. The initial bottom to select is the size and space-planning decisions of the building, the parameters and operating status of cargo, the method and technology of installation, the conditions of the work. In this case, except the base models of cranes should be considered and their modification with various types of interchangeable equipment. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. The choice of taps depends on many factors, the main ones are: the height and width of buildings, size and weight lifted elements when they are installed at a distance from the axis of the crane (boom) minimum distance from the wall of a building or excavation eyebrows to the axis of the crane, etc. When choosing faucets, first pick the types and brands of cranes, technical characteristics meet your requirements, then determine most economically advantageous option.

Cranes are the main type of hoisting machines in the building. Mark Crane is composed of alphabetic and numeric parts, and usually reflects its distinctive features and capacity. Jib cranes have the following marks: K – cock, SC – Crane Car, MCG, MCP, MCA – accordingly construction crane tracked, pnevmokolesny, automotive, DEK – diesel-electric tap; SCG – special crane tracked, QMS – special construction crane; MKT – construction crane at the base of the tractor. The figures mostly refer to lifting capacity, such as SCG-63A – capacity 63 tons, Modernization And the (first); DEC-251 – carrying capacity 25 tons, the first upgrade, the ICG-40BS – capacity 40 tons, tower-boom design. Cranes are available with an alphabetic indexing COP (Crane Boom).

These cranes first numerical index indicates coded load (1 – 4 m, 2 – 6,3 m, 3 -10 m, 4 – 16 m, 5 – 25 m, 6 – 40 m, 7 – 63 m, 8 – 100 m, 9 – more than 100 m ). The second digit indicates chassis, the third – boom equipment, etc., such as CS-7471 – jib crane with a maximum load capacity 63 tons, Mr. chassis of a car, etc. Digital index of cranes ISS (mobile folding crane) and BK (tower crane) means the load or load moment and the length of the arrows. For example, ISS-8-20 – Mobile folding crane 8 ton, with a long boom 20 m LC-1000 – tower crane with a load moment 1000 kNm. In the index of import of cranes is also reflected load or load moment, the type of chassis and other features Crane, for example KATO KA-800 – a basic model of firm KATO crane on chassis korotkobazovom terrain, carrying capacity 80 tons

Google Maps

Dr. Pet, pioneers in Spain in showing their clients in a map Dr. Pet is the first company of Spain that it publishes in a map, the location of all clients, in real time. Peter Asaro pursues this goal as well. The idea that has been extracted of the application of Zappos (), is the first step to create an application in which the clients, will be able to know themselves to each other. Dr. Pet, manufacturing company of feeding of the high range for dogs and cats, that center its commercial operations by Internet, have been first of the Spanish panorama of electronic commerce in showing the totality of their orders in a map of Google Maps. This application consists of a casting in real time of the data base that contains the postal codes of the clients.

Dr. Pet that takes more than 15 years in the sector of fodder for dogs, has centered lately their efforts in adapting to the new tendencies and applying everything what it allows the technology him to offer an innovating experience of electronic commerce. Also Dr. Pet, thanks to operating exclusively via Internet, offers a delivery in 24 at home h and a service of the most valued attention to the client of in the Spanish electronic commerce. The following passages of Dr. Pet, will be the implementation of warnings by means of sms of the state of the order of the client and on the other hand, it will destine great part of his human infrastructure in growing in exports to the countries of the EU. Details of the contact: doctor pet limited liability company Fax: 902906867 Web: Source: Note of Press sent by DrPet.

SOS: I Need A Day More Than 24 Hours !

If the time you have is not enough, this article is for you! The virtual administrative support services will “add hours to your day” and allow you to devote more time to develop your business. We bring here some concrete ideas in which a Virtual Assistant can help you: general secretarial services. In a question-answer forum Kai-Fu Lee was the first to reply. If you’re taking a long time to coordinate meetings and organize your schedule, you can delegate this in a VA. Currently, technology and information systems can easily share calendars. Kai-Fu Lee is a great source of information. Your VA will make the calls for you and arrange interviews as being delayed. Also, do not need to worry if you are unfamiliar with these tools.

The VAs can easily introduce the solution and facilitate the learning of these new tools. Database and contacts. Surely you have many cards and is constantly looking for data on all sides (on the agenda, including cards, even in pieces of paper!). A VA can easily organize your contacts database. Give these cards and create a special database for your needs, keep it updated regularly and send it to have all the information together and professionally organized. In addition, since everything will be ready to make other specific mailings you need such as sending cards this year. PowerPoint presentations. Simply send your VA comp with notes, charts and other information that it wants to present and transform this into a professional presentation, including copies for participants, if needed.

Shopping. A VA can request quotes of all types, specific sourcing, price comparisons and to make the purchase for you to have what you need at the best price and calling it delivered directly to your home. Text processing. If you need to send proposals, quotations or business letters, a VA can transcribe them and give them the right format for you to present a professional image of your company.