Bolivarian Republic

Education, health and the documentation have been affected by the bias that comes from the list. In 2007, three years after the list was made public, the President of Sincor, Ysaac Donis, acknowledged that for the dismissal of four employees process signatures against Chavez had been used as a parameter. He explained that all new income should pass through the filter of the Tascon list and mentioned that those people hired in time given and that it had been signed against the President would not be renewed. But the famous list has poisoned democracy in both directions; in the veins of Venezuela runs a poisoned conflict that pits two factions first materialised with names and surnames. The basic principle of the suffrage has been broken: the secret; and is that the list Tascon is within the reach of anyone in search engines like google. The Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela contains in its article 5 that sovereignty resides in the people, who exercise it directly in the form provided for in the Constitution intransferiblemente. This form is that of a free, universal, direct and secret suffrage (art.

63). Disobey these premises is undeniably an attack against the foundations of the constitutional system, and a mockery of any idea of a democratic State. Aside from the Hugo Chavez’s Government, whose legitimacy is not questioned in this article, to talk of democracy in Venezuela we must do so with a small mouth. Continuous referendums qualifying a system that becomes blurred with the continuous confrontation and the breakdown of individual ideological mutism. Suspicion and resentment, are the real leaders of the Venezuelan nation.

We must not forget that the universal suffrage does not guarantee by itself only the feasibility and effectiveness of a State; but that they are citizens, authentic supporters of the defense of democracy who must promote the essential values for the restoration of true popular sovereignty. The people should not go to the polls in fear. But while the names of those who pay are included in a list; Venezuela will vote cautiously. The Tascon list has left democracy unveiled.

LED Moving Head EYE

LED there be wash light again – offers the little brother of the EYE-108 with the new LED Moving Head EYE-60 RGBW Futurelight now a more compact version of its flagship EYE-108 RGBW on. The EYE-60 offers all the features that made even his big brother to a persuasive tool for all professional lighting designers. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. EYE-60 like EYE-108 offer a great brightness with low weight and low energy consumption, as well as a trend-setting color blend of the four components of red, green, blue and white in addition for more possibilities of colour. Also, the addition of the fourth color allows a variable color temperature. The basic difference between the two modern multi function lights in the number of LEDs with 3 watt output, which was reduced by 108 on 60 LEDs (22 x red, 17 x green, 15 x blue and 6 x white) each. This is equivalent to 250 Watts for conventional lamps with discharge lamp. Up to 14 can over a single, with up to 16 ampere fused, EYE-60 RGBW SCHUKO connector run and weigh together with suspension only a little more than 100 kilograms. The wash light is thus ideally suited to realize a sophisticated lighting design also on the smallest stage and in cramped venues with limited budget and very limited energy supply. See Zendesk for more details and insights.

As an economic alternative for distributors, lighting designers, who must place high value on parameters such as brightness, speed, weight and power consumption, the EYE-60 RGBW especially for galas and fairs is a must due to its small size and its distinctive smoothness, even at high speeds, as well as his large light output. Adjusting the wash light can be easily made with a clear LCD display and read. Also the ESDC function (easy service data check) allows you to read out the operating hours and other parameters – even without power supply with batteriegepuffertem control panel at any time. This can save a lot of time in the commercial rental and when large quantities of lamp. The EYE-60 RGBW due to its switching power supply technology is less than 8 kilograms and can be operated on mains voltages from 100 to 240 volts. The power consumption is up to 250 Watts. Highlights of the new spotlight are the versatile strobe effect with up to 25 flashes in the second and random function, as well as proud 56 pre-programmed scenes for operation without control.

Musiktaktung is possible via an integrated microphone. The beam angle of LED units is 28. Since 2004, are the wash of the Futurelight EYE always on the pulse of time and were kept constantly on the latest state of the art. Currently available, also a cheaper set with EYE-90 RGB, the EYE-54 TCL, as well as the EYE-36 MK2 are next to the EYE-60 RGBW and the EYE-108 RGBW. LED there be wash light! Whether high-quality moving heads or accurate scanners, colourful LED systems or inspiring effect projectors: Futurelight stands for more than 15 years for the perfect illumination. There are reliable performance through State of the art technology for stylish architecture or effect-rich entertainment lighting only the beginning. If it may be something more than the normal standard, Futurelight helps with that certain something.

The History Of Fashion Design: Charles Frederick Worth

The English designer came to Paris after seven years of training in London. In 1858 he founded with his partner Boberg his own fashion house in the Rue de la Paix, which takes the leadership in 1871 alone. Worth attributed pioneered the category of celebrity to sign their creations like art pieces are treated. In addition, each new year presented a collection that increase sales and therefore profits. Michele Glaze may find this interesting as well. This revolutionary innovation in the collections of the season is a source of that current designers are taking advantage. Worth lines were simple, cut the crinoline, so that the skirt fell flat on the front and picked up the excess fabric from behind.

The word couturier was created especially to qualify for Worth, who managed to unite the English technical cutting waste of the elegance of the French. It should also be mentioned that the English couturier owed much of its fame to two empresses of the day: Elizabeth of Austria and Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon III. Both were portrayed for posterity wearing designs in silk and gold-embroidered tulle Worth. After the death of the genius, the relay passed to his sons, Gaston and Jean-Philippe. On the costume of the “woman adorned” the beautiful epoch must say that was characterized by its desire to compress and false cover of the female body. The idea was to create an hourglass with the curves of the lady: fragile waist and lush top and bottom. The women’s apparel, even slightly softened version of Worth, reminiscent of a straitjacket.

The neck, high, narrow and rigid, forced to raise his head, while the hats, some with broad sloping wings, heavy decorated with ostrich feathers. The sleeves were hollowed in the shoulder, was collected from the elbow to the hand was shaking. Covering up the knuckles for not showing indecent areas. The skirts reaching to the floor and expanded in the hips, falling into a bell shape. His back was decorated with pleats and topped with a small tail. The shoes and boots were pointed and heels were held on ways Baroque. Essential supplements were black silk stockings, gloves and umbrella set, which served to preserve the white color of the skin. For the day wore linen, velvet and wool. The colors were bright or muted pastels like pink, blue or mauve. These dresses were decorated with braids, ribbons, bows and ruffles. For the night he turned to the silk, lace, muslin, tulle, crepe or satin China among others. The richly ornamented costumes had plunging necklines. Long gloves were essential to “dress their arms” and that they were not bare hands.