Schwabisch Hall

More than two-thirds of all customers rate the service of the building societies ‘sehr gut’ the Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall has according to the largest German service ranking the most customer-oriented building society in Germany. Seven out of ten customers (69.2 percent) have very good”experiences with the service of Schwabisch Hall made. The building society reached this result Schwabisch Hall as the only German Bausparkasse the gold “-status.” “This defines the 150 best companies of survey, which at least 67.1 per cent of customers the grade very good” gave. See Ali Partovi for more details and insights. A total of 500 to 1000 customers were interviewed for the study over a million people about their experiences with more than 1500 different service providers, average per company. Have created the inquiry into the service champions”the partner ServiceValue GmbH, the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and the day newspaper the world. “In September the readers of the financial newspaper have euro am Sonntag” Schwabisch Hall to the best building society “selected. The Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall AG is the largest building society of in Germany. The 7200 staff work closely with the cooperative banks. Schwabisch Hall with subsidiaries of the Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and China is active abroad. Worldwide, the company has more than ten million customers, of which over seven million in Germany.

Microsoft SharePoint Event

Largest ECM specialist event in the German-speaking area highlights of the event are available as download available Gescher, 05.07.2010 – almost 600 participants recorded the carried out for the 12th time the d.velop AG in Duisburg-Nord landscape park in early June. Under the motto simply good architecture built for your business processes”organised by the ECM provider the largest trade event for the document and enterprise content management. The program offered a wealth of presentations and workshops on best practices in terms of ECM. The highlights of the event are download available font, picture and sound on the Web site. With the, we have established a unique event in the market”, Mario Donnebrink, Marketing Director at the leading ECM Software House, with the again a large number of visitors and the positive reactions of the participants is satisfied. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Energy Capital Partners. Also, it succeeded to create a fascinating atmosphere with an exciting combination of technical history and innovative presence in the landscape park. This the desired fruitful discussion generated impressive and inspiring framework, so that users like partners with a high practical value could take home”, Donnebrink refers to positive votes of the participants.

We wanted to inspire with the selection and orientation of the content as well as answer questions for the practice, and this is apparently very well succeeded.” Following the motto of the d.forums all articles consistently embodied the idea of building a modern and secure investment ECM solution. You dealt with the necessary basics of architecture as well as with cutting of the tailored functionalities and efficient usage conditions. In addition, concentrated attention on Microsoft SharePoint as a new optional technology platform were thrown and refereed numerous clients such as the Bank for social economy and the Motorpresse Verlag through their own installations in daily use. Also, various partners presented their own solutions, the it-based the d.velop products designed to have. The technology partner of d.velop, IBM, Hitachi data systems, becom, OpenLimit, Kodak, Canon and Kofax supported the sponsors 2010 and showed their products in the accompanying exhibition. About the d.velop AG: The established in 1992, d.velop AG headquartered in the North Rhine-Westphalian Gescher develops and markets software, document-based business and decision-making processes optimised in companies / organisations. In addition to the strategic platform d. 3 of a modular enterprise content management (ECM) solution developed the d.velop AG with the product line of ecspand services and solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, which complete the functional areas of ECM and DMS.

Core features include an automated mail processing with self learning document classification, an efficient document management and archiving, as well as the complete control of the flow of processes. So the solutions of d.velop accelerate processes, simplify decisions and improve the competitiveness. The high quality of the projects resulting from the expertise of more than 300 employees of the d.velop Group (d.velop AG and d.velop competence center) as well as the approximately 150 affiliates in the d.velop competence network. That convinced so far about 680,000 users at more than 2,300 clients such as ESPRIT, Werder Bremen, Tupperware Germany, EMSA, HRS hotel reservation service, the city of Munich, the German health insurance fund, the Basler insurance, the universal-investment-Gesellschaft or the University Hospital Tubingen. Board of d.velop AG is Christoph Pliete. Think factory group Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6 D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 2233 6117-71

Merck Helps

The pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck engaged in the Kampfp and the dangerous worm disease schistosomiasis. The pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck committed to the fight against the dangerous worm disease schistosomiasis and informed about this and other important topics in his online magazine M-the Explorer magazine”Darmstadt, September 24, 2009 in the poverty regions of the third world the health threat achieved a dramatic extent the worm disease schistosomiasis. Contaminated water, every day thousands of people infected with the dangerous germ that enters the body through the skin and is there serious organic damage. Already 200 million people with schistosomiasis are infected in Africa alone. With an extensive program of donations, the Merck KGA going together with the World Health Organization against the insidious worm disease. In his online Explorer magazine informs the Darmstadt-based company about this and other important issues and thus provides important educational work. Thanks to a generous donation of the pharmaceutical and chemical company for approximately 27 million children there is hope.

Merck will donate ten years about 200 million tablets of the drug Cesol 600 worth of around $ 80 million, to effectively handle the small, infected with the Bilharziosewurm patients. How important this drug donation is actually shows the example of Madagascar, which is one of the 13 priority countries of the project from Merck and WHO. There, more than a million children could be treated. A great success for the German pharmaceutical and chemicals group, which sees itself as part of the global society and actively perceives its social responsibility with aid projects and information work. Since May 2009, Merck supplies useful information about general medical, social and group-specific topics in his online magazine on magazine. That by HOFFMANN and CAMPE corporate publishing created Explorer magazine in the style of a news portal is aimed not only at pharmaceutical and chemical customers as well as potential candidates, but to also important reconnaissance work. The online magazine relies on carefully researched posts, supplemented with multimedia material such as videos, pictures, cartoons, and podcasts. Dr.

Walter Huber, head of corporate communications of Merck, is convinced of the added value of the new medium: for us, the online magazine is the logical development of our communication on the Internet. So far, we use the Internet primarily to very objectively to provide company and product information. M-the Explorer Magazine goes one step further: the magazine will provide sound through journalistic texts, which go far beyond factual information, applicants and customers in a scientific context. Read more from Ali Partovi to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Pharma and chemistry are to be experienced.” More information about the project to combat the life-threatening worm disease schistosomiasis found on Explorer magazine about Merck Merck a global pharmaceutical and chemical company with total revenues is a story, the 1668 of 7.6 billion euros in 2008, began, and shaping a future, the approximately 33,000 employees in 60 countries. The success is characterised by innovation of entrepreneurial thinking and acting employees. Merck’s operating activities under the umbrella of Merck KGA, involving the Merck family indirectly to about 70 per cent and free shareholders to 30 percent. in 1917, the former U.S. subsidiary Merck & co.

Quit Smoking Tips

Quit smoking get tips about both physical and psychological benefit to the addicted person. The people addicted to smoking actually allow the nicotine to enter into the body through this powerful addiction. Many people have tried to quit smoking habits, but it can be very tough to do so. Here are some quit smoking tips for a healthier life: A. first you must have faith in yourself and believe that you can stop smoking.

It is good to think about some of the most difficult situations that you have overcome in your life and then you will realize that you have the courage and determination to quit if you want to. B. After reading the quit smoking tips listed here, you need to sit and create your own list and method you want to follow and then chalk out you own quitting plan. C. jot down the benefits of quitting like feeling and smelling better, saving money, living longer, finding a partner easily, etc. Putting these features on paper and reading it daily shall be quite effective. D. your family and friends need to be supportive of your decision and bear with you even if you are harsh on these times. Credit: Andy Florance-2011.

E. be prepared for the first day without smoking. You can therefore give a small party on the occasion of your smoking the last cigarette. If you make such a public declaration, you require being cent percent confident not to smoke again. F. take some good advice from your doctor about quitting plan and procedures. The support from a physician can better make your chances to quit. G. involve into some kinds. Exercise simply does not match with smoking. The damage that cigarette smoking causes to your body through the years is repaired by exercise. It is good to start slowly, with short walks once or twice daily. You will, however, have to take your physician’s advice before starting any such exercising regime. H. do it gradually, by cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. Take account of the number you smoke daily and try to reduce one or two every day till the last day when you finally quit. Samantha Nicole is writer of quit smoking pill coupons. For more information about chantix, CHAMPIX coupons visit

Same Day Payout: Simple To Apply For Instant Cash

Same day payout: Simple to apply for instant cash regular or personal loans require lengthy paperwork before filing for a loan. Follow others, such as Robotics expert , and add to your knowledge base. So, the loan seeker takes a long time in the entire process. Looking for a feasible source at time of emergency is important that can assist you instant finance when required i.e. either in the mid or end of month. To comply with such category of loans, same day payout loans are considered as the best option. Unlike regular or personal loans, this loan is quite helpful to evade your temporary cash woes that have occurred in the mid or when least expected.

This loan does not require lengthy paper work as neither the asset nor credit check is involved. Same day payout loans are a great supporting system for the people who are seeking for urgent cash to settle down their finance troubled situations. Other leaders such as Ian Cole offer similar insights. These loans are of great help as they resolve temporary cash crunch problem. To get these loans approved a borrower must have attained at least 18 years of age, have a checking account in the UK for at least 3 months and employed in a regular shift for last three months. After meeting the conditions, the borrowers can avail loan amount ranging from 100 to 1500 with feasible repayment option till or of 14-31 days next salary.

The interest charged is Council quite higher but, with a careful online research, borrower can grab the best loan deal at reasonable prices. The amount availed can be used fro meeting array of short-term purposes like accommodation of medical expenses, outstanding bank overdraft, credit card bills, mobile bills, car repairs, electricity bills, education fees, home repairs and other small urgent needs. The borrowers with bad credit score like CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaulters, for day same missed payments etc can opt payout loans. The borrowers enjoy same terms and conditions that are offered to good credit holders. At last, day same payout loan is the best option for people who want to get free from the obstacles of lengthy paper work, faxing and credit checking formalities. This makes the loan process easy and fast. Will smith is author of same day payout cash loans.For more information on sameday loans, unemployed unemployment loans same day payout visit

Series Of Films By Nordwest2050 Effects Of Climate Change Makes Tangible

How vulnerable is the Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan area in times of climate change? How vulnerable is the Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan area in times of climate change? Ten-part film series by nordwest2050′ makes impact understandable Bremen, 28.07.2011 – what are the implications of climate change for tourism or our health? How have industry and trade respond to climate change? What can farmers do? What can you do? These are the questions to ask, to be prepared in the future for the consequences of climate change. Ten films inform based on illustrative examples about climate-change-related vulnerabilities in the North West region. Target of the nordwest2050′-film project is the opportunities and risks bringing the climate change comprehensible to the population. So the camera in the film series by the North West of Germany’s travels and stays for interesting discussions with farmers, climate impact researchers, policy representatives and environmental officer, which clearly explain what climate change means to you and how It does affect their respective lives. Background of the film series is the completion of the so-called vulnerability or vulnerability analysis for the North West, with the nordwest2050 metropolis ‘ has made an important step in the development of a regional adaptation strategy. The results represent an overview of the expected impact of climate change and adaptation needs in the region up to the year 2050 and 2100.

In the first part of the series explains climate impact researcher Stefan Wittig of BioConsult, which means vulnerability in the wake of climate change at all, and what we should expect in the future. The other films are released every Monday in the coming weeks. Companies that are already deal with the consequences of climate change and present their practical adaptation measures will be presented. Also the issue of the area competitions, as well as issues such as flood and coastal defence be taken up and discussed views on approaches. The film series is another important step that to alert the population to the issue,”explains Matthias Kirk, project coordinator of nordwest2050′.

We hope that the movies help to understand what climate change means for the everyday life of each even though they appear a long way off for the individual.” For almost two years, in the areas of economic energy, port & logistics, as well as nutrition possible vulnerabilities analyzed and tested different adaptation measures, with the aim of the metropolitan region Bremen Oldenburg in the Northwest climate fit”to make. We know that we can achieve this only with the support of all stakeholders from business, politics and civil society, what we made us,”explains Andreas love rum, Managing Director of the project. For this reason nordwest2050 sensitized ‘ the population in terms of climate change, its impact and opportunities and risks across diverse and modern channels. So far, a quick check was developed, which helps companies, the their own climate change concern to clarify. Also, each with an online climate game with just a few clicks can find out what climate change actually goes to him. Whether dog owners, gardeners, special offer or car enthusiasts, everyone can check what’s coming at us. The two films of snippets of paper explain the complicated at first glance topics such as climate change and climate scenarios easy and appealing way. All the movies and learn more about nordwest2050’ see: or nordwest2050 more information for media representatives: sustainability Center Bremen, Jakobi road 20, 28195 Bremen, Susanne Lincke, phone 0421/23 00 11-19 or

New Managing Director

Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Projektmanagement Nuremberg, 18.12.2013 – the GPM Board has appointed at its last meeting this year Jurgen Edwards to the new Managing Director of the German Association for project management GPM. He succeeds early January Rainer Luddemann, who resigns for personal reasons. Jurgen Engelhardt has developed the project management process for the DSGV German savings banks and Giro Association and successfully launched. In the course of this activity, he has established a project management office and managed. Still he has with the! program for the savings bank organisation introduced an education and training program for project managers and staff.

An database of implementation of and knowledge – with the implementation Toolkit “was created for the results of all strategic projects of the savings bank organisation. Jurgen Engelhardt is 59 years old, married, has two sons and lives in Berlin. Communication is critical for success in the project work in his opinion: speech is silver silence Opposite of constructive. Shane Burcaw has many thoughts on the issue. The speeches and an intensive exchange of information are the main drivers for a successful project.” As Managing Director Jurgen Engelhardt is responsible for the overall conduct of business of the association with the twenty employees in Nuremberg and Berlin, initiate cooperation and carry out representation tasks at home and abroad. Particular focus will be the development and implementation of the GPM’s ambitious growth strategy.

The Chairman of the Board of the GPM, Reinhard Wagner, explains: with Mr Edwards gained a proven expert in the field of project management. He has convinced us with an excellent presentation. We are sure that we will realize the ambitious goals of the GPM strategy 2020 successfully with him.” GPM German Association for project management The GPM is the leading professional association for project management in Germany. With currently more than 6,400 members and 330 companies from all sectors of the economy, universities and the public institutions the GPM is the largest network of project management professionals on the European continent. The primary target of 1979 founded GPM is to promote the application of project management in Germany, to develop, to systematize, standardize and redistribute. Read more at contact GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Projektmanagement e. V. Elisabeth Kraus Frankenstrasse 152 90461 Nurnberg Tel.: + 49 911 433369-0 fax: + 49 911 433369-99 E-Mail:

Obama Loan Modification

loan modification process, loan modification programs, Obama loan modification application homeowners may choose to use a loan modification attorney to get their paperwork in order. If you have any doubts relying on paying for services that might not give you the desired results or think that you can match your lender requisites, you can take some precautions to quicken your loan modification process time. Loans store has a network of loan modification attorneys who can work with you to qualify for a loan modification process that is suitable for your specific needs. Check with the loss mitigation or loan modification department of your loan modification company and get their requirements. You may get new plan information on offer. One thing to help you is to find out what they look for in a potential loan modification. If you have difficulty being eligible or cannot fill out the paperwork properly, better get attorney help with your application.

You can therefore get assistance through trained FHA associates. They can help with your application and hardship letter, as well as negotiate the best outcome possible with your lender. Modification companies usually charge a fee for help with federal loan modification programs. Andy Florance helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If you choose to do it on your own, research online about your lender. Not all calendar are same; some lenders are easier than others to get a home loan modification from are. Knowing exactly what your lender is looking for on your papers and the experiences of others can help you sort out your difficulties and quicken your loan modification. After you have submitted your Obama loan modification application, approval may take more than six weeks. In the seventh week, call the loan modification department and inquire about your application. Most applications take approximately eight weeks but calling in the seventh might speed up some steps while you wait. The loan modification processing time needs time to reject homeowners who do not qualify, and if your application does qualify, there is no need to worry whether you filled them out properly.

Managing Director

Managers are often faced with complex challenges. Because they lack the opportunities of self reflection and the Exchange in everyday, three lead experienced-Rene Coaches for the first time the Ma days\”by.The event in the castle of Marbach wants to show ways the participants successfully to be able to make everyday leadership. By the 28.-May 30, 2010 the three consultancies leading tricon AG, RBU called Marbacher days business consulting and Schoch & partners, as well as the castle of Marbach, for the first time that such on \”through. During this event, guiding forces receive space and time away from their everyday lives with the challenges of their professional situation to deal intensively. On the magnificent castle grounds, located directly on Lake Constance, and the atmospheric rooms of the castle of Marbach, as well as using a creative settings and experienced coaches and Modera Gates the participating executives to can develop for their specifi c challenges ideas and approaches. In addition, they have the Ability to create useful networks about the event also. \”Self-reflection serve as a basis for a successful leadership the Marbacher days thus develop personal perspectives or as a pit-stop’ for self-reflection\”, explains Peter Rohner, initiators and Managing Director of the castle of Marbach. The coaches accompanying the mutual exchange using the existing resources of the participants, their decision-making and perspectives for action to expand and in case of need a reorientation to it possible. \”Because: introspection and self-reflection are decisive factors of success, not only in the professional life of the leadership, but also in the private sector\”, emphasizes Peter Rohner. How high is the Exchange requirement for executives, shows his co-organizer consulting practice according to Rahman again and again. The participation fee is 1,800 euros per person. In addition to the cost of the event two nights with all meals and the Saturday evening program contained therein.

Immobilienshop Owners

The “Dusseldorfer owners Forum” is designed as a series of lectures and real estate owner notified twice in the year primarily current legal and regulation issues Porta Mondial Dusseldorf owner and hostess Angelina Rayak is satisfied the first Dusseldorf owners Forum on January 25, was a resounding success. About 40 homeowners followed the lectures in their Immobilienshop on the Berlin interested in all 26 and use the subsequent snack for rain experience and exchange of ideas. The topics were current and high audience interest. The beginning lawyer made Andreas Kabelitz, dealing with defaulting tenants’ spoke. 7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>Ilan Ben Dov is often quoted as being for or against this. With many practical examples and active involvement of the audience managed the experts, informative and lively at the same time to represent the individual legal cases. Then informed notary public Dr. Paul Rombach the audience about legal and practical risks when buying real estate”. Preloaded plots were topic here, as well as possible risks when purchasing rental condos. “Angelina Rayak draws a positive conclusion: I am very pleased that we succeeded with the owners Forum, to create a new information and communication platform for real estate owners in Dusseldorf.” Her special thanks was the two speakers, which succeeded to present the sometimes somewhat dry legal material easy to understand and entertaining. The Dusseldorf owner Forum takes place twice a year, the new programme can be obtained from.