Brushes Bosch – Wipers

Recognised high quality Bosch Wiper manifested in the excellent cleaning glass and longevity of use. Innovative technology wiper Bosch guarantees the best visibility on the road and the maximum reliability. Today, more and more manufacturers equip their cars on the assembly line brushes from the company bosch – ranging from the Volkswagen Polo and Peugeot 407 to Maybach (Daimler-Chrysler). Wipers "Aerotvin" with a two-component synthetic rubber tape (hence the Name Twin – double), as well as traditional brush twin with clasp system, have won Test series in 2003. In the test car magazines, such as adac Motorwelt, Autobild, Auto Motor and Sport, brush Aerotvin occupied the first place. This is not accidental – as and in other areas of automotive engineering, the firm bosch many decades is a leading manufacturer of brushes and the wiper systems due to its innovation policy. The first windshield wipers with electric drive, which appeared on the market in 1926, defined the subsequent technical development.

For example, the firm bosch first time in 1971 launched its windshield wipers with intermittent mode of operation, and in 1994 – a two-component rubber for wiper blades twin. In 1999 appeared a universal adapter QUICK-CLIP and new windshield wipers "Aerotvin, and in 2001 – reversing drive wiper. Since 2004, a further innovative move by bosch has anti-friction rubber coating for all wiper blades twin, which increases the comfort of clean glass, including those for partially dry glass surface. Both working surface of a rubber lining wiper firms have thickness from 10 to 15 thousandths of a millimeter. Nevertheless, designers Bosch impose these very thin rubber parts such requirements to the tests for wear withstand 50,000 strokes.

Brush wiper at the same time passes the distance of 900 km and cleans the surface area equal to 67 football fields. Rubber parts wiper blades when operating at increased wear. Therefore, in order to always have clean glass and good visibility, it is recommended to regularly change the brush. When using brushes, Bosch it takes only a few minutes and hand movements. Bosch, as a leading manufacturer in this sector of the market, offers a program of 200 different types of wiper blades for cars and trucks. There is also an extensive selection of wiper blades headlights and rear windows of cars. Bosch was first in the world has launched two-layer brush 'TWIN', the working part of which consists of two different kinds of rubber. Microscopic double working edge brush from durable natural rubber for a long time provides good quality of cleaning glass, and soft synthetic rubber, which is made from rubber base brush, helps them particularly smooth operation.

COP Crane

With the variety of types and brands of cranes is difficult to choose a scheme of work and brand construction crane, the most appropriate in specific conditions. Other leaders such as Robotics expert offer similar insights. The initial bottom to select is the size and space-planning decisions of the building, the parameters and operating status of cargo, the method and technology of installation, the conditions of the work. In this case, except the base models of cranes should be considered and their modification with various types of interchangeable equipment. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. The choice of taps depends on many factors, the main ones are: the height and width of buildings, size and weight lifted elements when they are installed at a distance from the axis of the crane (boom) minimum distance from the wall of a building or excavation eyebrows to the axis of the crane, etc. When choosing faucets, first pick the types and brands of cranes, technical characteristics meet your requirements, then determine most economically advantageous option.

Cranes are the main type of hoisting machines in the building. Mark Crane is composed of alphabetic and numeric parts, and usually reflects its distinctive features and capacity. Jib cranes have the following marks: K – cock, SC – Crane Car, MCG, MCP, MCA – accordingly construction crane tracked, pnevmokolesny, automotive, DEK – diesel-electric tap; SCG – special crane tracked, QMS – special construction crane; MKT – construction crane at the base of the tractor. The figures mostly refer to lifting capacity, such as SCG-63A – capacity 63 tons, Modernization And the (first); DEC-251 – carrying capacity 25 tons, the first upgrade, the ICG-40BS – capacity 40 tons, tower-boom design. Cranes are available with an alphabetic indexing COP (Crane Boom).

These cranes first numerical index indicates coded load (1 – 4 m, 2 – 6,3 m, 3 -10 m, 4 – 16 m, 5 – 25 m, 6 – 40 m, 7 – 63 m, 8 – 100 m, 9 – more than 100 m ). The second digit indicates chassis, the third – boom equipment, etc., such as CS-7471 – jib crane with a maximum load capacity 63 tons, Mr. chassis of a car, etc. Digital index of cranes ISS (mobile folding crane) and BK (tower crane) means the load or load moment and the length of the arrows. For example, ISS-8-20 – Mobile folding crane 8 ton, with a long boom 20 m LC-1000 – tower crane with a load moment 1000 kNm. In the index of import of cranes is also reflected load or load moment, the type of chassis and other features Crane, for example KATO KA-800 – a basic model of firm KATO crane on chassis korotkobazovom terrain, carrying capacity 80 tons

Exhaust System

Purpose of the exhaust system The exhaust system helps reduce harmful emissions that occur during the combustion of gasoline in the engine. The remaining exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust pipe located behind the car. The design of the exhaust system. The exhaust system the car is usually consists of three main components: the catalytic converter The catalytic converter is a device for purification exhaust gas for spark ignition engines. It is installed as close as possible to the motor to quickly reach operating temperature and to be effective in city traffic.

The catalyst was installed as optional equipment, rear silencer and in addition to cleaning the exhaust gas can change the exhaust sound. Acoustic performance car must conform to established norms. Silencer, depending on the size of the car and engine size, use one or more silencing. The V-like engines left and right cylinder are often managed separately, each equipped with its own catalytic converter or muffler, and then consolidated into one large muffler. Exhaust pipes Exhaust pipes – the third and final component in the exhaust system.

Exhaust pipes derive the exhaust gases from the cylinder heads in one or more pipes, and so also connect the catalytic converter and muffler. The length and cross section of exhaust pipes, as well as the type of compound used, affect the performance of the car and the sound of the exhaust pipe. Therefore, exhaust systems for cars with large engines, often set the double pipe. Exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, and muffler are connected to the main part of the system by connecting rings and ridges. Many systems, original equipment welded into one whole, for faster installation. The entire exhaust system is connected to the bottom of the car, via flexible suspension elements. Designated fixation must be carefully chosen because otherwise the vibration might be transmitted to the body and produce noise in the cabin of the car. In addition, vibration can cause the noise of exhaust pipes. The total volume of the muffler car – about three – eight times the volume of the engine. Depending on the total amount and type of mufflers, exhaust system will weigh from 8 to 40 kg.

Therefore Systems

A Car alarm is a device that includes some security and service functions (eg, remote control door locks, auto-run the engine, the search for machines, support plug and other companies). Peter Asaro contains valuable tech resources. To denote one concept is used a few terms (car alarms, car alarms, security systems, anti-theft system). But they all represent one electronic device intended to protect your machine from burglary and theft. being for or against this. In our time the need to install car alarm no one should explain. The number of car thefts is increasing in frightening dimensions. Therefore if you want to keep your car safe and sound – buy car alarm is necessary. Close to the concept of a car alarm and the concept of the protective complex, typically consisting of still and mechanical protection (interlock).

Usually, complex car alarm systems include a control box, inside which there is a processor and a software unit, key remote control, sensors and wires and mounting hardware. In addition to the car alarm you can buy to protect your car accessories: actuators for door locks, sensors (impact, the sensor size, motion, tilt), the additional relays and relay block, limit switches and tie elements. Many car dealers, offering a purchase of automobiles, usually offer to purchase cars with already installed car alarms. But the quality of these devices can vary from very low to high. It all depends on the reputation and conscience of the owners of the showroom. Natural to set the alarm, especially not so hot what a complex, can virtually any master in the service station. However, professionals are advised to installing alarm systems to apply to the specialized technical center, where vypoluchite qualified services on installation of alarm in your car. Appealing for help in such a center you will not only quality services, but also a guarantee for the work done and bought an alarm.

How To Wash Your Car Yourself !

You have purchased minimoyku and know how to use it (ie know what you need to connect it to the mains, ensure supply of water to expel air from the pump), but this does not mean that you know how to wash your car using the apparatus of high pressure (HPA). If you use the aed in order to simply knock down the dirt and rinse the body after a car wash sponge, no depth of knowledge you probably do not need. It will be sufficient only to realize that the gun should move in a horizontal plane "left-right" and nozzle must be from the surface at a distance of no more than 10 cm, but was it worth buying pressure vessel and continue to wash the car yourself? Of course not! It is time move to contactless sink. And the body does not hurt, and you less hassle. On the secrets of the right of non-contact cleaning said Oleg Semenov, commercial director KarcherMarket. Some motorists have complained that the the car after washing are dirty divorce. They are especially noticeable on dark colored cars, which have always been popular among urban dwellers. Someone hastily blaming minimoyku, well, someone car shampoo.

In fact, the reason be found in the wrong technology or organization washing. Must be aware that for non-contact car wash with regular shampoo will not work. To this end, specialized tools are available for non-contact cleaning. The range of Karcher these detergents are labeled rm 806, rm 809, rm 555, etc.