The Strategy

For example, the strategy that the dance professor used, when perceiving that it did not have interest on the part of the pupils in learning the classic dance, then searched some strategies, first: it placed music so that the pupils entered in contact with the new style, not getting success, brought a professional dancer of well sensual classic dance that called the attention the pupils and for third it looked for to stimulate it its interests in accordance with as the participation of a competition who in the end the winner would be a well high amount of money. We can detach the interdependence in the position of the professor, therefore it knew to command its action and to organize it everything in its time, first conquered its pupils, stimulated to want to learn them it to dance that new type of dance and later it started to teach them. Soon not imposing at the beginning only its wills of authoritarian form. In some situations the professor had that to come back behind and to start everything of new, therefore when he perceived that the pupils were not developing he came back behind and he found another form to reach its objectives that were exactly to teach a new culture, new knowledge for way an art those pupils. Toshiba brings even more insight to the discussion. That is, we perceive the reversibility, therefore it valued the possibilities and the necessities in each situation. Even though at the moment that separated the pairs and had some that had not wanted to be with the chosen pairs and it in some cases it finished accepting that they formed with who had more affinities. The interesting one also was the game of rules that had to learn the dance of the anomie can say the pupils had arrived at the autonomy, therefore at the first moments was each one for itself, had difficulties to follow collective rules, however some lessons of dance had after perceived that they would have to think about the other, since it would have that to have a balance to learn itself to dance the new dance proposal for the professor. .

Learning About Computers

You look at the sky and see that it is blue. This information comes to you on the sky – it blue. Listening to loud music, you get information about music – it is loud. We can say that information – a description of the world around us. You, as any person who receives information through the eyes, ears, nose, fingers, and so on. For example, information about the taste of food you take with your tongue. The resulting information can be stored, for example, do you remember that lemon tart.

To keep the information a person uses images and words. For example, you remember the word for "sun" and can imagine his image – a bright and warm yellow ball. Something like this work with the information everyone. The computer must process the same information, but it has no ears and eyes, and can not work with images. The only thing that can computer – is considered, but said the computer very quickly and without errors. If we can translate information in a form that a computer understands, ie, in the form of numbers, it will help us to deal with a lot of information. Translation of any information in numerical form is encoded, and information presented in the form of numbers said encoded information.

You know that we will use all ten digits, zero through nine. And how many digits the computer knows? It turns out that the computer knows only two digits – zero and one. With these means of these two numbers can be represented by a variety of information – text, numbers, pictures, sounds and so on.

Saussure Social

It says it is for Bakhtin the element necessary to understand and to explain the structure semantics of any type of verbal interaction. To each event of it speaks constitutes a basic reality of the language. According to Brando (2004, P.

10), ‘ ‘ the language while speech and interaction are a way of social production; it is not neutral, innocent and nor natural, therefore the privileged place of manifestation of ideologia’ ‘. In this perspective, the language is the necessary mediator enters individual and its social conviviality, is a place of social coercions, debates and ideological conflicts, not being able to be questioned outside of the social bond, being that the event of the language if of the one through the social historical actions. While Saussure defends the language as a system of invariant rules, Bakhtin affirms that the language cannot be an organization of rules, where nothing remains steady being that it has a constant evolution in the social conviviality of each individual. This work guideline, over all, in this last conception, in view of that the language must be faced as product of the social interaction between the falantes. Learn more on the subject from BDT Capital Partners. We leave now for the excellent concepts in this research of the Analysis of the Speech of French line. Analysis of the speech of French line the French school of analysis of the speech – AD – appears in the decade of 60 in France, having the speech as its main object of study. One of the scholars of the AD Frenchman was Michel Pcheux. The French line is estruturalista is linked with the linguistics and history. In Brazil, the studies of the AD ones are of French origin, and have an acceptable space with an ample area of studies and linguistas, with different vises.

Spiritual Autobiography

The answer would be: “An executive elite whose only passion is lucrative salaries, large utilities, no matter what.” It seems so, but if you to another reality, where many people are now looking for another vision and values we support, we require significant work in companies that contribute to society, then we will be Who?, A dynamic mix of managers propositional small merchants to permeate society, change agents, innovative, positive, socially responsible investors, women entrepreneurs, in the same way, CEOs and senior officials with respect and vision. How different all this would be built with the knowledge that even in one of my groups was achieved!,

Satisfaction would magna since the change is: “To believe that labor is not only a paycheck but also the ultimate expression self-realization of every individual in the Kosmos. Or make dreams and desires belong to the company’s work force, where a dazzling high-tech firm in which the spiritual principles, values and awareness are so seamlessly interwoven in the fabric of daily life resulting echoes the spirit in the communications, corporate change management, leadership training, training for the development and well-being and harmony. Rereading these passages’m absolutely convinced they were the best moments from the Masters, including also those which fully reflects my spiritual experience because I find that I have ability to express myself in written form, in a literary style that is never busy as prose, with which could ensure that emerged from within me that there were aspects stressed were in the depths of my mind, getting the Spiritual Autobiography where my conclusion says: And now this, trying to collect all the moments of greatest significance and contributed to my education as a holistic educator, this global test I can say that many and I feel no fear then translate them all as one would like to review each film and I find all their wealth of which I am now the owner and be aware that nothing and nobody can take away for me is my legacy and will inherit so all beings in universal love..

Municipal Assembly

Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. 'Ekoterroristku' sentenced to 22 godam.protiv construction of incinerators and recycling of household othodovNovye method of calculating damage to the environment. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO.

How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. 'Ekoterroristku' sentenced to 22 years .. Many experts believe that new techniques calculation of environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands.

PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. 'Ekoterroristku' sentenced to 22 godam.krizis can 'clean' Trash bakiNovye method of calculating damage to the environment. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. 'Ekoterroristku' sentenced to 22 years. in our country and predicts the decrease in municipal waste to 30%. For example, in St. Petersburg, the annual volume of waste increases by at least 5%, but this year the growth of municipal waste is expected to slow, Although the totals are unlikely to be less than last year. Even with a high degree of responsibility appropriate officials to the problems of municipal waste in the Olympics in Sochi. At the February meeting of the Municipal Assembly was solved technical issues the program for the remediation and closure of solid waste landfill in the Adler district, and a waste recycling plant in the central region, and discussed issues on creation modern system of collection, transport, recycling of municipal and industrial waste new methodology for calculating environmental damage.

The Technology In The Basic Education

Currently we come across in them with the tip technology that to each day appears stops helping in them to decide and to solve the problems day to day. In classroom it is not different, the professors can have the chance to use what it has of better in the technological market. Hardly we do not have in the schools computers, Internet, cellular, datashow and too much tools. To use these tools is of utmost importance to the pupils, therefore it would very help and in the teach-learning and logical in the knowledge attainment. Nobody can be of is of the digital inclusion in the school. The function of the professor is to involve all in this process. The production of a site or blog as a space of dialogue of all the pertaining to school community (pupils and professors) .tendo debates on on subjects to the school and general education can be the door of entrance in the technology, that is, the envolvement of pupils and professors generating an intellectual interaction, thus groups of learning could be formed this everything saw Internet. Therefore professors, use to advantage this technology today, therefore tomorrow it will be outdated and from there we will have that always to start of the zero. The hour is now


Jehovah's Witnesses are convinced of what the Bible says that the name of God – Jehovah … AR: – This is an absolute fabrication .. In the Old Testament only once mentions the name of Jehovah, but in first name, not as God, but as an epithet .. Moreover, it is clear that the translator was a Jew in dr.evreysky tribal God who was Jehovah (Yahweh, Jehovah), and no surprise that the translator just put name here their tribal God. R: – Evidence suggests that in place of the pagan temples were built Christian church.

Do you think that Christianity is an aggressive religion? And why Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity, while in Rome it was allowed only in 312th year? AR: – So it created a man if he took it into his head to build something new, the first with which he begins with is the destruction of the old .. Often, in the end he is left without a roof over your head. The Christians destroyed the pagan temples, and the Communists were destroying Christian churches, and they both did all this not out of malice, but purely for the sake of building a bright future and we observe a bright future in the world scale .. There are no aggressive religions have people who understand all privratno, fast on his hand and mentally retarded. Today, there are some hardened the view that any mention of the events of the early Christian cast a shadow over our church. Entire shelves uninvited and free of defenders of the church frowning face in anticipation. Meanwhile, the church does not need anyone's protection, for 1,700 years, there have been many strange, unusual, unfair, wrong, terrible, but eventually became a stronghold of the Christian church of our statehood, and now she has absolutely no reason to hide his past and make as they used to think that before the adoption of Christianity, Armenia was "Brutish and empty country." Pagan period of our history is an integral part of us and we should be free to study it without being obliged to think, how-to evade the sharp corners as not to offend the church .. In the opposite case we will not know what we want to know, and know there is that if this was not the world rushed to Christianity is not so thoroughly erased from the memory of the Armenians of their pagan past.

Just do exactly that in Armenia there was something unusual, and lies the answer to your question about why Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity. R: – One last question: What is history? AR: – For me, history is an exact science, and sorry that someone is perceived as a historical science ideological tool. Interviewed by the magazine director Arthur Zakarian PRESTIGE PS interview with a scientist turned into a long conversation, joined by all members of our editorial staff. And, despite the fact that the opinions and hypotheses of our companion did not always coincide with ours, we all got great pleasure from the meeting.