In this direction, it will fit to the educator to plan education situations where the pedagogical contents and methods are coherent with the development of intelligence and not with the chronological age of the child. Of this form, the game acquires basic importance in its application to education, objectifying itself to discover new strategies of each phase of the development of the human being, that is characterized by special an only conformation, going since the individual game, the symbolic game, the daily pay-social game, to the one of rules (social). Dell has firm opinions on the matter. However, the logical activity is not everything what it exists for intelligence, the imagination is important to uncover itself to the solution of problems, is for this, the thought form most spontaneous is the toy or magical imagination, that makes that the desirable one seems possible of being gotten. Thus, until the seven or eight years, the toy predominates of so absolute form in the infantile thought, that if very becomes difficult to separate the deliberate invention of the fancy that the child believes to be true. 1.5? Cognitivo development For Cury (2003 P. 22). ' ' It inside has a world to be discovered of each child and each young. Who does not only obtain descobriz it is inserted inside of its proper mundo.' ' However, these processes, even so continuous, are characterized by diverse phases, stages and periods.

Each of these stages defines a moment of the development throughout which the child constructs certain cognitivas structures. According to Gardner (apud, Hunter 2005, P. 21) ' ' Piaget made reference in terms of social evolution and the intelligence of the child, showing as if it characterizes, basically, in each period of the development, that the same it schematized in four estgios' '. These developments pass for four distinct stages: (a) sensoriomotora, (b) daily pay-operatrio, (c) the operatria? concrete, (d) operatrio-deed of division.


Understood such concepts, them they must be applied in the process, of form to optimize it, influencing in one better management of the cost, in the organizations, without damage of the constant perfectioning of its management (MILK, 2003). The considerable growth of the volume of produced goods provoked a bigger concern with ambient politics e, mainly, a bigger awareness of the society how much to the state and the survival of the nature. The logistic one of distribution of new and old products was become enlarged of fast and efficient form, but the organizations had not been interested, in the same way, in relation to the possible reaproveitamento of these products, after the end of its useful life. According to Milk (2003), great part of the consumed or industrialized products, and later discarded, can to be recycled, reintegrating them it the productive process, changedding themselves into new products, or simply, being destroyed of adequate form. Inside of this new context, it appears the Logistic Reversa, subject of extreme relevance for the organizations, in such a way industrials, commercial, of partner-cultural services and. Of general form, Logistic Reversa is the return of the consumed product, or not, either it industrial, residential, or of any another nature, by means of canals of distribution, in planned way, implementing themselves and controlling the inverse flow of the product, adding values, reintegrating them it the productive process and to the business (MILK, 2003).

It has companies that they do not give to the Logistic Reversa the same logistic given importance the normal one, of the supplier to the consumer, they consider therefore it unproductive and of high cost. However, this vision is unreal, had to the social and ambient advantages that the Logistic Reversa provides to the community. For example, the case of the residues generated can be cited in industrial painting process in great companies.

Technological Body

It will be that nobody perceives the perfect technology that is the human body? A brain with all the perfect lines to command the things bred. Eyes to see clearly the amplido that must reach the object bred. Hands to place the things in its had places. Heart not to leave the frigidez of monuments bred to be better of what it. Feet to conduct itself without being lead.

Differentiated fingers to feel cold and hot objects. One has lain powerful, because it has in it the image of a GOD who is alone owner of the Universes. Perhaps check out Pete Cashmore for more information. If GOD wanted to disclose itself would not make it through one would lataria for more modern than he was. HE PLACED MIND IN the MACHINE Placed mind in the machine? Great thing! In the distance of it Human being it is enormous. It is GOD creature, and possesss an Immortal Spirit that survives to all hecatombes. the machine? Created for the material effect that GOD left spread for the Terrestrial Orbe if it rusts with the time. IT CREATES, BUT ALSO IF IT CREATES the reason without the presence of the heart wants to become enlarged itself.

However, she remains imprisoned things that already exist. If to place the heart next to it goes to never perceive horizontes seen and will bring to the world new features where the two only can glimpse. SPIRIT AND BODY If to perceive the proper body will see that nobody made nothing equal, although to search it to learn. The human body is a perfect machine that the Creative GOD loaned to the Spirit it to evolve through it, and does not stop changing it for one would lataria more for moderninha that it is. The Human being can make to grow an incomparable cellular army, thing that the robot is not capable to make.

Conditioner System

System of acquisition of data is the name attributed to the responsible equipment for the collection of data or information. The systems of acquisition of data provide an interface between the real world where we have the physical parameters of the process that is the analogical one, and the environment of the computer that is digital. Acquisition of data: The basic functioning of a typical system of acquisition is described to follow. Such systems possess sensors that measure the important 0 variable for the system. Signal conditioners that convert the exit of the sensors for a common band of signal. This band generally corresponds 0V 5V. These signals are sent as entered for a mutiplexador of some canals.

After to have passed for the stage of mutiplexao the signal is sent for a circuit sample and hold and a converter A/D (analogical? digital). The converter is responsible for transmitting to the door of entrance of the computer the collected and previously processed information. The signal of exit of the analogical converter also can be used to advantage to be sent for any another element of graphical and visual interface for the operator of system. Sensors: Its objective in the system is to transform a not electric signal for an electric signal equivalent. In a system of acquisition of data we can attribute it following functions to it: To detect the presence, the size, the variation and the frequency of mensurando; To supply an electric signal that contains given quantitative excellent concerning mensurando; Conditioners of Signal: Its objective is to improve the signal of exit of the sensors, being carried through the necessary modifications in the signal before this is delivers to the system of acquisition of data. As conditioning of signals we can mention the transmitters, buffers, the filters, the amplifiers, the converters, and among others. Mutiplexador: It has for objective to share signals in the time.

Geometry Strategy

SUMMARY This work presents reflections of an activity carried through with a group of pupils of Superior Ensino of the course of Full Licenciatura in Pedagogia of a Public University of the State of Par. The objective of the experience was to investigate in that way an activity with mockups potencializa the learning of geometric concepts. The data had been collected through a questinrio with opened questions, being analyzed in this work the relative answers to the interest of the pupils for the didactic activity, as well as the pertinent results on the process of teach-learning and the formation of the professors for the education of geometry. CONTEXTUALIZAO OF THE DIDACTIC EXPERIENCE? ON THE EDUCATION OF MATHEMATICS AND ACTIVITIES THAT APPROACH WHO LEARN OF WHAT IT IS NECESSARY TO LEARN. Geometry with its changeable dimensions and its importance for the development of the child, consequently requires including studies that they express resulted significant concernentes to education and learning of the geometric content.

Although the innumerable ones ramifications that can be worked the questions on geometry, our stories are come back toward activities elaborated and presented in classroom. Leaving of basic geometric concepts (segments of straight line, polygons, figures bi and tri-mensionais), we search to relate them it daily and the partner-cultural reality of licenciandos pupils of the initial series of a Public University of the State of Par, whose campus it is located in the capital, Belm. We objectify to analyze a potencializadora activity of learnings of basic concepts of geometry, as for example, plain and space space, area, figures. We opt to working with aspects that could be related to the civil construction thus they were next to the reality to the pupils. Therefore we can relate easily with spaces and so proper forms to discipline Mathematics. The work in classroom with mockups, this direction, potencializa to the pupil a more significant geometry, in the conceptualization of Moreira (1982), therefore it works with situations next to the reality to educating.