Globally Harmonized System

What is a Globally Harmonized System (GHS)? The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) refers to the use of a single common method of classifying and labeling of hazardous chemicals. The common aim of this international effort to promote common standards consistent to categorize chemicals according to their environmental risks, physical and health. It also means that the communication tools such as risk consistent labeling and worksheets are material safety of the system. The GHS has been working continuously from the Conference (Earth Summit) 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. The harmonization of classification and labeling of chemicals has become a priority.

The overall goal is to have GHS available by the end of 2001. Why do we need a global harmonization? This situation has been regular face and apply to governments, costly and confusing for companies that must comply with many different systems and confusing for workers who need to understand risks of a chemical to work safely. The GHS promises to provide several different benefits. These include: promoting regulatory efficiencies Trade Facilitation Facilitation Provide compliance cost reduction and improved risk information consistently stimulate the transport and safe use of chemicals promote better emergency response and chemical incidents, and reduce the need for animal testing What are the areas chosen for development? The harmonized system for classifying chemicals according to the environmental and health risks include: acute toxicity Skin irritation / corrosion Eye irritation / corrosion awareness of skin or respiratory germ cell mutations in cancer-oriented systemic toxicity Reproductive toxicity to target organs Risks to the aquatic environment to the terrestrial environment Hazardous and Chemical mixtures chemicals presenting physical hazards will also be harmonized and include: Liquid Flammable Solid Flammable Liquids Flammable Aerosols self-heating pyrophoric substances Substances which in contact with water, emit gases Gas Liquids oxidizing oxidizing oxidizing solid organic peroxides autoreactive Explosive Substances (liquid or solid) and explosive items Corrosion to metals more information, including criteria currently discussed, is located in the OECD (the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) Web site: Which countries are participating in the GHS? Key stakeholders to develop the Globally Harmonized System includes a number of governments such as Canada, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, China and Japan.

System Management

The general scheme of the system is as follows: central microcontroller (or computer) receives signals from command devices, then sends these signals to the executive modules and systems in the house. Executive modules and systems receive commands to an electrical outlet, via an infrared or radio and turns on or off the appropriate devices: lighting, security system, air conditioning, heating, water supply, etc., switches and keypads Panel The easiest way to control the smart home is a 'smart' switch. With one click the Settings button you can not just turn on or off, but also change the brightness. This could be a whole keypad, where Each button corresponds to which a device, or a combination thereof. These switches allow you to set different modes, such as 'sleep' in the bedroom – the light goes off smoothly, blinds closed, slightly lowered the temperature at air conditioner, set the alarm clock. Remote control remote can control both your tv and home theater. Using it is easy to activate any function "Smart House": set different lighting scenarios, open and close the gate, put the house for protection and etc. Desktop computers, laptop or Pocket pc Any computer can be easily integrated with 'smart' home. It can perform the role of the server system. This allows the visualized management, and data collection for statistics. And if the networked desktop computer in a pocket, the latter can be used as wireless, An interactive control panel. Program to control a smart home can be installed on your office computer at the office or on a laptop that will be companion to any trip, and wherever you were on a business trip or vacation, you will always be able to monitor your home.

Respiratory System

Breathing in osteictios children can be lungs or cardiovascular system gills. The swim bladder (gas bladder) is derived from the lungs, and not vice versa as one might think. The bladder is shown in dorsal position, and sometimes have a direct connection with the intestine. In fact, the bladder is formed as a small diverticulum of the digestive tract. The channel that connects the bladder with the digestive canal is called pneumatic, recommended daily allowance and allows air to enter into this. This appears only through primitive fish (fish fisostomos) and the most advanced obliterated this (fish fisoclistos). The line gets its name from pneumatic bearing air.
The current Osteictios have five gill arches. Septum for the arch is the organs hyoid bone that houses operculares. The gills have a counterflow system, which increases the effectiveness of gas exchange (oxygen uptake). The spiracle disappears, except in the sturgeons. The septa intrabranquiales (excluding adults operculum) are in decline (in the sturgeon and the Holosteos this in half) and eventually disappearing in the most modern (Teleostei: two arc branchial gill plates on each side, and not separated by any septum).
A teleost fish gills has four double rooms on each side. Each of these gills is twofold because it has no two plates separated by a septum.
Towards the mouth appear bones (branquispinas), well developed in the filter. Pharyngeal teeth are also occurring in the gill immune system arches.
The gas bladder:
In the more modern tendency to wellness differentiate two science parts: the oval room (below), separated by a sphincter muscle in the rest of the bladder. the aloe vera creams that you can buy from without a doubt, the leading health source company The sphincter is able to quickly empty the bladder.
Fisoclistos fill the bladder secreting gas into the interior of their bodies red, which are regions with a rete mirabile capillaries. Oxygen is secreted to the bladder, obtained from the transformation of glucose into lactic acid. To empty the bladder involving the oval chamber: the sphincter opens, the air nutrients enters into the oval chamber, and this (which has very thin walls), the oxygen passes into the blood.
Are ventral. Bladder evolutionarily derived from the lungs. The lung appears for example in Dipnoos as Protopterus (African lungfish).
The lung is connected to the esophagus through a small windpipe. Alveoli have up to three generations (a socket, with cells that in turn have alveoli).
The derivation of the lungs to begin with the bladder reduction in their number one and move this to the back (allowing it to be above the equilibrium point). Following this and appear and disappear on the sphincter pneumatic duct.
Many fish use the air bladder as a complementary system to obtain oxygen. It is suggested that the lungs could have appeared before the separation and chondrichthyan Osteictios, but in chondrichthyan would have completely disappeared.
The bladder often has other functions:
It can be used to produce sounds or to receive them. no question about it, the health revolution is being led by put major funding into their research and development to make sure that you get the most out of their products Some species are vibrating arches of the vertebrae to make sounds that are amplified by the bladder (which acts as a sounding board). digestive system Other branquispinas use of gill arches, which collide to produce sound.
When the bladder is used health supplements & nutrition to perceive sound, the two communicate using internal ear ossicles (the ossicles Weber) with health the bladder.


The president had not only received but also was angry with her for bothering you at home. There is only one way to stand out among others: BE SYSTEMATIC AND PROFESSIONAL. Always send original copies to Nothing irritates people who do an interview to receive a standard letter with your name above, think that you should have been nominated in all enterprises of the city. Of course not There is no reason why you can not do it. Several years ago when teachers were scarce work about mid-March (at the time the majority of teaching vacancies are occupied tran Encounter) an ambitious teacher typed a hundred times a letter and a resume and sent to nearly all schools deprived of the city. As she sent only original letters, each of these schools thought it was particularly interested in them. The result: while ten did not answer eighty-one responded that they had no vacancies, the other nine was called to interview. The teacher got three offers to work while other teachers experi enced more were waiting in line at the unemployment lines.

Research Research should be oriented according to the position bus each, the type of machinery or tools, computer systems, telephone type, knowledge of products produced, etc.. data are very important when taking person. Find and read all that has been published about the company in newspapers and magazines tas If possible ask the advertising department or public relations that will provide the latest brochures that have been edited so when the person who does the interview mentioned a topic, you can tell Ex quickly: "Yes, I read about it in …

Exhaust System

Purpose of the exhaust system The exhaust system helps reduce harmful emissions that occur during the combustion of gasoline in the engine. The remaining exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust pipe located behind the car. The design of the exhaust system. The exhaust system the car is usually consists of three main components: the catalytic converter The catalytic converter is a device for purification exhaust gas for spark ignition engines. It is installed as close as possible to the motor to quickly reach operating temperature and to be effective in city traffic.

The catalyst was installed as optional equipment, rear silencer and in addition to cleaning the exhaust gas can change the exhaust sound. Acoustic performance car must conform to established norms. Silencer, depending on the size of the car and engine size, use one or more silencing. The V-like engines left and right cylinder are often managed separately, each equipped with its own catalytic converter or muffler, and then consolidated into one large muffler. Exhaust pipes Exhaust pipes – the third and final component in the exhaust system.

Exhaust pipes derive the exhaust gases from the cylinder heads in one or more pipes, and so also connect the catalytic converter and muffler. The length and cross section of exhaust pipes, as well as the type of compound used, affect the performance of the car and the sound of the exhaust pipe. Therefore, exhaust systems for cars with large engines, often set the double pipe. Exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, and muffler are connected to the main part of the system by connecting rings and ridges. Many systems, original equipment welded into one whole, for faster installation. The entire exhaust system is connected to the bottom of the car, via flexible suspension elements. Designated fixation must be carefully chosen because otherwise the vibration might be transmitted to the body and produce noise in the cabin of the car. In addition, vibration can cause the noise of exhaust pipes. The total volume of the muffler car – about three – eight times the volume of the engine. Depending on the total amount and type of mufflers, exhaust system will weigh from 8 to 40 kg.

GASTRO-AWARD In The Gdansk Yard

The Gaston in a world full schnitzel 1994 the Gdansk yard “by family Potrafke built, the operation is still today a family-owned company. Since more than 45 years, the guest in this home is loaded. The warmth that was the complete reconstruction in April 2001 in the foreground, invites guests to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. Apart from the excellent service, guests can expect a journey through the world of scrap. Details can be found by clicking Ali Partovi or emailing the administrator. A number of variations, created with love. Take a seat at this resort”and enjoy an hour of chips in a relaxed atmosphere” – thus, the Gdansk yard invites his guests. And investigate the guests of this invitation for 45 years.

This continuity, quality and loving creation of dishes, not least the excellent service is recognition and appreciation among the guests. “” The audience award 2009 in the category German cuisine “in North Rhine-Westphalia went to the Gdansk Court”. Christine Braun says guests today expect more than just good food.” Board of Directors of the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG. And the organizers know what they’re talking about. After a three-year break, a young team of restaurateurs, advertising and marketing specialists made the concept on its head. In addition to the award concept are they marketing partner and promoter of gastronomy. That is, members at the GASTRO-AWARD are accompanied throughout the year during their daily business and supports. Unprecedented in the gastronomy and hotel industry, and that in the meantime Germany far.

Arranging Monument Real Estate

SBK sets new quality standards for cooperation partners through the successful relaunch of sector-specific Internet platforms Cologne in November 2009 the SBK Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH, headquartered in Cologne thanks to innovative marketing concepts and customer-oriented consulting services has established itself in recent years to the leader in the nationwide teaching monument Realty. Modern, tailor-made financing concepts and professional solutions for partners also contribute to the success of the company and cause that 2009 is the best year of the already 20-year corporate history. With the right funding worth buying a monument real estate: the risk is to calculate the tax savings optimally and the increase in value included. Advice on funding opportunities from monument real estate is an important element in the consulting and support concept of SBK. The consultancy has an in-house financing Department, the financial experts with decades of experience deal exclusively with the implementation of tailor-made financing concepts for monument real estate buyers.

Thanks to the good cooperation and the excellent contacts with a wide range of regionally and nationally active banks are attractive financing opportunities available. Also the advice about funding and support for the application of a KFW loan include the competent financial advice in the SBK. All components have to fit together, then the purchase of listed real estate is a highly attractive instrument for capital formation, we are aware of this responsibility and implement every day for our customers this\”Joachim Bongard, who is responsible for the distribution and sale in the company tells us. Successful sales strategy for monument real estate based on a network with renowned banking institutions and renowned accountant firms with over 500 sold apartments alone in the last 5 years that was existing for almost two decades Family business set new standards. Due to the enforcement of the market already first banking institutions engage with the SBK, to close a cooperation, and to benefit from the large experience of the company.

Security For Sensitive Data

Tuomi IT GmbH sells encryption solution by apsec In the Rhineland-Palatinate Trier and Luxembourg applied security GmbH has agreed (apsec) a new distributorship fideAS file enterprise for their data-leakage prevention solution. The solution provider of tuomi IT, providing integrated business solutions, distributes the program that encrypts sensitive documents across the enterprise in the future. Thus, the data is protected effectively against abuse and theft. Data leakage prevention experts call such a backup. It is nice that tuomi IT has decided to sell our premium product, says Christiane buckle, head of sales at apsec. This means a substantial increase in security for our customers in the region of Trier Luxembourg.

And we can serve them faster and more comprehensively, is convinced strap. If you would like to know more then you should visit Byron Trott. Tuomi’s Managing Director of Arja Roos underlines the importance of the partnership: recent cases confirm the threat of data theft. Because often get the data thieves from within their own ranks. Therefore, it urges caution: who will not even be affected meaningfully must prevent. That is and remains the be-all and end-all. Inform tuomi IT about risks and prevention options and apsec customers together. On 11 November they invite you to an evening under the title, your data are sought after data theft successfully prevent after Luxembourg a. The software solution is presented here in detail fideAS file enterprise.

Apsec if we have found a partner, whose offer ideal protection Produkte, Arja Roos is convinced. More information is available in the Internet at, or by phone at 0 60 27 / 40 67 of 0 applied security moves knowledge. The experience of the Executive Board and the staff are the decisive success factor for our company. With team spirit and enthusiasm, we develop solutions and products that make sure your IT world. Applied security works for people. As a customer, you will appreciate our holistic approach. You know that we develop solutions individually for you and this to the user training closely with you vote all processes from the first conversation about the in-depth advice. And that we have always have an open ear for your wishes, of course. Applied security developed future. Today, we lay the foundations for the IT security technologies of tomorrow. You as a customer actively participate in this exciting development. You are the ones for which we develop modern and user-friendly solutions with great enthusiasm all round care and support including. Press contact main view – public employment agency Frankfurt am main contact person: Mr. Uwe Berndt telephone: 0 69 / 40 56 29 54 fax: 0 69 / 40 56 30 92 homepage: