To be or Not to be? A taken time the decision of that this life valley to the penalty is initiated, I think the work of about it becoming happyest possible, that is to search quelhe agradadesde that it does not come to compromise other lives, that is to take off the life of outrem. At altavista you will find additional information. It has who says that to filosofar the favorable cold either, I disagree, as well as with the preconception of that the German language either to this essential activity, to think is of the man, of all to that he is unsatisfied and it has courage, dares to undertake the dangerous and solitary close trip a time that all thought is uncommon and singular, has approaches of vises of world, of the realities, truths Mine> identification with the friends of the wisdom, Nietzsche and Espinosa (philosophers of the body) it occurred immediately, a empatia that already has forty years more than. I took root myself in these glad meeting. Although to have lived e, to frequentar diverse circles I kept certain habits salutares, privileging foods livings creature as well as I looked for to feed the mind with good reading, literature and nasartes to extend world vision. According to Andy Florance, who has experience with these questions. In music a food to the spirit. They are me essentials these ' ' good and glad encontros' ' . However, I believe that it fits to each one to know what parasi is a good meeting. A good meeting results in joy + energy, availability the action.

A bad meeting diminishes the energy debilitates body has lain. A sick body-mind um passive body-mind, resented, complaining, infeliz= desvitalizado. To enjoy of health, peace and happiness (contentment, joy, will of power in Nietzsche) she is necessary to know these ways previously, that is the peace, the health the joy is the ways. From good meeting, joys-well – to etar, we construct to health tracks joys peace, not necessarily in this order.

Make New Friends

For me, to make new friends is to gain a new brother, poistodos knows that it has friends more fond than brothers, is with you in all osmomentos. To make a new friend is to gain a new shoulder to cry to be will be necessary, and it will oentender different of the other people. To have new friends is always good, poisconhecemos different sorts, other cultures and a magical source. To them to vezesconhecer a new friend serves for a study, therefore millions of people have amigosem another country and this makes with that the people trip and learns new things to semsair of house. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out ???? ?? ??. But for I myself I ask. How it is to make new friends? To make friends is in my blood, therefore to gain a friend is everything, a way luzao heart the dreams that we dream, can make things with somebody to its lado to be always folloied followed step by step of the life with that it loves ete helps to search an exit, the solution and reply for each question that the vidanos makes..


*Rita of Cssia de Oliveira Alves SUMMARY the illness of Parkinson is a degenerative, chronic and gradual illness that occurs for the loss of neurons of the central nervous system in a known region as black substance. Without definite cause a primary and idioptica illness is considered that does not have cure and is difficult to treat and still other symptoms can occur as depression, alterations in sleep, memory reduction, etc. Swarmed by offers, isearch is currently assessing future choices. the depression can affect considerably the life of the carrier of Parkinson and become the reason of bigger incapacity. The benefits of the practical one of regular physical activity and with adequate orientation are widely recognized and contribute for one better quality of life, therefore this work of bibliographical and exploratrio matrix intends to present the psychological 0 variable of the boarded subject, through a qualitative analysis. Palavaras-key – Illness of Parkinson, depression and quality of life. INTRODUCTION Is clear in the current society presence of the depression in patients with badly of Parkinson, this because the illness whose causes still are unknown, beyond incurable is difficult to treat.

The Illness of Parkinson (DP), also known for primary parkinsonismo or agitante paralysis, is a chronic, gradual and idioptica afeco of the central nervous system, involving the ganglia of the base and resulting in disturbances in tnus, abnormal positions and involuntary movements (OSULLIVAN, 1998). In accordance with Thomson, Skinner and Piercy (2000, P. 333), this pathology ' ' it is an illness of slow progression, that produces weakness gradual of the voluntary movement, muscular rigidity and possibly tremor.' ' According to Hauser & Zesiewicz (2001), the illness of Parkinson is a gradual neurological riot caused by the degeneration of neurons of the responsible black substance for the dopamina production, neurotransmitter related mainly with the function the illness of Parkinson it occurs with great prevalence in aged individuals. It is initiated generally for return of the 60 years of age and acometem both the sexos.

Infantile Imagination

The world of the infantile imagination is one petty cash of surprises wonderful! They leave many thoughts, action and commentaries there, for many times, funny. The beginning of the respect what the child says, it is the basic question not to restrain the imagination of the small ones. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from neil cole. In this agitated world that we live it is difficult to stop to give attention what the children say. Neil cole iconix wanted to know more. However, this moment is valuable and very important for the development of the child, therefore the imagination is on the creativity and needs to be creative stops detaching in them in the life in society, is not same? Then, it hears what its son says, does not judge anticipatedly, nor undeserves the history that was counted. It stimulates even though launching questions and making suggestions, if the child to allow.

To the end, it helps the child to distinguish on what reality belongs imaginary friend that some children have? The imaginary friend is that personage with which the child talks, plays and to the times until fight. He sees nobody it, except the child. Of the three to the six years more or less, some children are handles so that it can justify itself adequedamente expressing its reasons and until if forgiving. The child fancy that the imaginary friend exists of truth, but, exactly small, knows that it is only a trick. She is common the children to reserve a place of the sofa that amiguinho will only be able to seat! E, parents, does not use the imaginary friend to negotiate with its son. Another question on this subject and that it deserves attention of the parents is that child who does not have real friends and alone it is the time all playing with the imaginary friend and per many weeks.

Capitalist System

The Capitalism had its point of higher ascension in the end of century XIX and beginning of century XX; where this new position of the politics capitalist gave to a new and signifacitivo route the life of the world-wide workers, nailing a speech of that from that new matrix the wage-earners would have freedom to vender its force of work. It did not need much time all to understand that this speech did not pass of utopian and deceptive words, since the measure that the capital fixed the price to be paid, so emphasized freedom showed limited and less next to the workers, constituting one of them wilder pillars of the capitalist world: Domination and exploration of the man power. (slavery for that they had been so fascinated with the recent structure of work). its consolidation represented a landmark stops of the beginning to the moment of maximum dither of the work, creating a representative atmosphere of the deity of the work for the humanity; these elements alone exhaustingly had been revenciados because the myth was nailed very of that this activity needed to be spread out and accepted socially. Learn more at this site: Viacom. Ones of the periods most promising of the Capitalist System had been during the Great Wars; U.S.A. ahead sobressaiu of the too much economies of the world, explicitando its superiority in such a way obtained allies in the New how much in the Old World. Comode custom had an opponent to this exarcebada North American ambition, the Soviet Union (group of small European countries), that it started to constitute the representative of the socialist model, disputing in such a way the rank of better economic model next to great American nation, this if later gave in relation the territory and the space ones. The structural, technological and economic changes that had marked this new world-wide order had been endorsed in some sufficiently peculiar characteristics, amongst these are: the globalization of the economy, the transnationalization of the structures of being able and the reetruturao of the work.

Living With Guilt

Sometimes the love people decide 'Better me than you', 'I will follow you', is a sense of guilt (actually your fault for the death of her grandmother – not), that is not said, has not approached once again, did not call … Learn more at this site: Viacom. If you want to 'let go' grandmother at the sky and live, taking with respect and life and death – go. Get all the facts and insights with Viacom, another great source of information. With a psychologist to do it environmentally friendly. ANSWER: Shenderova Elena MoskvZdravstvuyte psychologist, Kate! Often the loss of a significant person for us is undoubtedly a stressful situation, it experiencing grief and loss, but the psyche of all people react differently to this loss, someone is going through, and crying, can not do anything, but that happens and this does not seem to hard (of course there is loss of consciousness), but in life generally (and No tantrums, and somehow quietly), but still our minds gradually rethinks the situation has occurred in your case, and that's why you can not sleep, that is, Your mind is still working and busy, but here let out and to work independently You can not just your mind and you and cares, not just releasing this information because you can not cope on their own or frighten their reaction and their feelings, yet not all save in myself and just for that and there are psychologists, a person in whom to confide, who will take your feelings and emotions, help them understand and cope with them, simple and easy, even the one who is no longer close, but leaving sense of security and release this man is quite possible that a better place than our life here! Think what would have wished your grandmother being there for you HERE? do not hoard all of himself, the voice, he said, can write her a letter – it is still there and if we remember the man, he is always with us and helps us survive all the hardships and difficulties, feeling the strength and safety! If you decide – you can feel free to contact me, please call – I will glad to help you! For information about psychologists mentioned in this article, you can see on the website.

The System

Carries them inward (from the outside, the inner world) and it adds to the picture. A related site: mentions similar findings. Sooner or later, these puzzles piled up, and shows a picture of the inner world, corresponding to the outside. And even then, the Based on this, build a picture of the world, formed an idea of himself – who "I". There is a connection between two worlds, in some ways similar to each other. And connects the worlds consciousness. . Then begins a conscious life rights in these two worlds. The soul, as embodied in a physical body, came into the world and interacts with it through the consciousness. The soul creates, using the physical body as a tool controlled by consciousness. For even more details, read what Bryant Walker Smith says on the issue.

We will not give definitions of what is what. The only note to myself that the mind can be considered as a way of human interaction with the world (or worlds) and the perception of oneself in it. The effectiveness of a person's life is largely determined by so far as he knows and owns the existing rules in the world. On the concept of our world can be approached from the perspective of the systemic, systematic approach. This is also a hypothesis. For any system characterized by a desire to preserve its integrity, to maintain equilibrium. If there is an influence on the system, deducing it from the equilibrium state, a threat to the preservation of its integrity, and therefore a threat to existence. The system responds accordingly. If exposure occurred outside, the whole system in motion, rearranging to regain equilibrium.

The System

We acted more for the heart; today, more for what the system ' ' roboticamente' ' it imposes in them. One ' ' good dia' ' that you can give simply either for perhaps pure and question of formality and not for the sincere and necessary desire of that somebody has, of fact, one day pleasant. The value of the words, therefore, is lost currently and is amazing as somebody sings one ' ' bundalel' ' ' ' orgia' ' without, to the times, not even to have the comparative idea between these words so that it has a more critical positioning or same unconformist when relates to the practical vulgarity of the sexual one. ' ' Orgia' ' , for example, &#039 is relative; ' devasso' ' that it wants to say ' ' to vulgarize-se' ' , ' ' to generalize-se' ' , ' ' to become comum' '. A vulgar sex involves more than two people here and everything can happen, also the possibility of the presence of illnesses as AIDS, gonorreia, sfilis, genital Herpes, Tricomonase, genital Pediculose, amebase, ' ' Linfogranuloma venreo' ' (let us reflect more on these and plus other innumerable sexually transmissible illnesses) and the HPV. ours! This is the root cause of cancer in the woman there and, in relation to the man, to only lean the skin in the other of that it possesss the virus already it would be enough stops to catch it, of irreversible form, and it still provokes the cancer in the penis. What it could seem utopia starts to have a flavor of more reality for the promiscuous form that acquired &#039 currently; ' ficar' ' in our way. I coexisted, in my environment of work, with palestrantes nurses who had supplied a little to me of constructive clarification on the sexually transmissible illnesses, as well as some contgios and its consequncias in our body; lectures these that would have to be part of ' ' basket bsica' ' of our day the day, mainly with this wave of ' ' baladas' '.

Bard System

Subsequent works demonstrate that to the theories proposals since the times of James, Lange, Canon and Bard, have its mritos, therefore in the prediction of the theory of Cannon, although the fear and the anger to have different answers estam associates for having distinguveis physiological answers, although to activate Sistema Neurovegetativo (SNV). In studies with adult men with injury in the marrow, it found reductions told in the emotional experiences, this result can be used to reviver the theory of James (BEAR, 2002). The term lmbico system was popularido in the year of 1952, for the American fisiologista Paul MacLean. In the half of century XIX and beginning of century XX, the relations between the body and the mind had started to be investigated by the Philosophy, Psychology, the Psychoanalysis and Biology, where the interest came back toward the related cognitivos processes to the mental processes, connected the memory, reasoning and learning (IT HISSES, 2010). With the development of new techniques of research in neurofisiologia and neuroimagem, it was more interesting the neural studies in the processes of the emotions in the Lmbico System, as well as in the recognition of the areas related to the process of the cognition, motivation and memory.

According to author HISSES (2010, p.387) ' ' ademais, the emotions generally are folloied by autonmicas, endcrinas answers and motor esquelticas, that depend on subcorticais areas of the Nervous System, which prepare the body for ao.' ' 2. NEUROANATOMIA AND NEUROFISIOLOGIA OF SYSTEM LMBICO the lmbico system is formed by pertaining structures the cortical and subcortical region, by some nervous nuclei and nervous connections that establish connection the structures; repeating the same hipotalmicas functions with the difference of the same ones to be more elaborated e, to suffer action from neocrtex. The French neurologist Paul Drill, published an article in the year of 1878, where it assigned that the collection of found cortical areas in the medial surface of the brain, as being lmbico system, therefore they around form an edge of the enceflico trunk.